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Save 80% on shooting targets in less than 5 minutes

You can save 80%* and more by choosing printable targets.  You can save even more money the longer you go.

You’ll never have to waste your time going to the store or waiting for new targets to come in the mail.  You just make what you want so you never have to deal with finding extra space to store your targets.

Super convenient and made for fun:

  • Shooting hunting animals
  • Shooting Zombies
  • Not always shooting at a little black square over and over again.
  • Having the variety and choice for you mood and needs.

Ideas for using these targets:

  • Archery practice
  • Airsoft, BB, and pellet guns
  • Nerf guns – just make a laminated copy
  • Pistol target shooting
  • Sighting in guns
  • Rifle Practice

You can get several different package options to fit your needs.  Do you get bored with what you’re shooting or is the backyard archery range at your house no fun?  When you have printable targets, you get the chance to spice up your life and have fun.

Getting kids to want to keep shooting is much easier when they have something fun to shoot at.

Buy your targets NOW


There are two different types of printable targets available.There are targets that are made to fit on a single sheet of paper and there are also targets that you can print off on multiple pieces of paper and put together on the target.


What’s included

  1. 20 animal targets that fit on a single page
  2. 20 animal targets that span multiple pages
  3. 10 zombie targets that fit on a single page
  4. 10 zombie targets that span multiple pages
  5. 10 normal style targets

How the product is delivered

You get a digital download all in pdf documents in full color so you can print them however you would like.  You can adjust everything by simply adjusting the printer settings on your computer.  You have 30 days to download the product after purchase and can download them up to 3 times.

These products were custom made just for you by a professional graphic designer.

*  The difference in price between 100 targets.  100 purchased targets at $3 each compared to printing off your own targets.  The printed targets at $5, printer ink refills at $50, and paper at $5.

That comes out to $300 for buying 100 targets and only $60 for printing your own.  I’m sure you can do an even better job managing expenses than these prices show.


Save money now, buy today!




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