Bow Hunting Basics

Welcome to Bow Hunting Basics.  It’s the best way to get up to speed on what bow hunting is and isn’t and how to get into it quick and fairly easy.  There is lots of information, so you’ll find this broken up into pages to make it easier to get the information you’re looking for.  Take a look at the table of contents and pick where you want to start.  There’s a little bit here for almost everyone.

Pages will be linked as they are added.

Here are the 8 sections you need to know for your bow hunting basics.

  1. Why bow hunting is great
  2. Getting your hunting license
  3. Where to find hunting land
  4. Getting the right gear
  5. Brief intro to hunting
  6. Basics of Deer harvesting
  7. I got one, now what?
  8. Processing and eating

This course is designed to help you get into hunting and know the basics of everything you will need.  This is not designed to teach you absolutely everything.  No one can learn everything.  The focus is on hunting deer since that’s the most popular and what I have the most experience with.

I hope to help you feel confident enough to go out and try hunting.  I’ve found it to be a wonderful aspect of my life physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Not to get all spiritual on you or anything, but it does help people in a lot of different ways because even though this is enough information to get you started, hunting is a skill that will take a long time to master and has many different aspects.

Knowledge becomes power only when you spend the time to learn and apply it.  Read all of these sections to get you enough knowledge to get started and then go apply it.

Don’t forget to be safe.  The number 1 thing in bow hunting basics is to be safe and have fun.

You can do it!

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