Picking Archery Targets

you spent a ton of money on all your gear, it would be foolish to not get high quality archery targets. You can shoot pretty much anything, but then again, you’ll also end up damaging your arrows and that means it will actually end up being more expensive to not shoot into a proper target

Layer targets

The right archery targets will stop your arrow with only a few inches making it into the target. These targets normally work on layers and friction. The targets will have layers of foam that are pressed really tight together with bands or wood. These are the best kinds of targets for high-speed arrows. They will stop pretty much any speed arrow and most people shooting a cross-bow have to use this type of target for their bolts. You get to shoot at 2-4 sides and some of them can handle broad heads.

The most common ones that you find are The Bone Collector 400 F.P.S. Target and The Block. These are the most popular and are reasonably priced when you see how long the target will last. You are looking in the price range of 60-110 dollars and that target will last about 5 years or more. that means you’re only paying 10-20 dollars a year. That is a lot cheaper isn’t it?

Bag targets

The targets you’ll find at ranges are normally going to be bag targets. These are a bag that is filled with something to stop the arrow. You’ll find some have styrofoam type stuff, others use straw, and then lots of them have a mix. These are normally cheaper and can last a good while if taken care of properly. The downside to these is that they are not made for broad heads at all and you normally will want a frame to make sure that the bag stays in the upright position.

3D targets

These are the targets that are in the shape of an animal or object. These are very popular for hunters and for competition. Even if you never plan on hunting, you should try shooting at these because they are used in almost all competitions. There is a target on them and it really helps when you know where to look to start with.

Here is an example: The Glendel 3D Buck Target

Most of these are of compressed foam layers and will stand up to a lot of use. You can also get the versions with replaceable sections. I strongly, strongly suggest buying the replacement section when you buy the 3D target so you know that you have the right replacement. They make new versions of these all the time.

Printable Shooting Targets

To be honest, sometimes you just get tired of shooting at the same thing. The cool thing is that you can find lots of things to shoot. Printable targets that you can get online here at Bow and Arrow HQ will give you lots of options to shoot at.

Tired of shooting a circle, then try your hand at shooting Zombies.

Going hunting? Practice shooting at some animal hunting targets.

Or, you can buy both animal and zombie targets for a discount.


I recommend checking out the type of target that will last the longest with your intended use. If you are only going to be shooting at targets, then The Bone Collector would be a good choice. If you are going to be hunting, then I would recommend getting The Block as well as a 3D target. You’ll get the right type of practice and that’s really important when it comes down to making the shot that counts.

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