Do you Need Archery Lessons?

Do you need archery lessons?  Lot’s of people go around thinking that they can just pick up a bow and shoot it straight at the target because they did it like that on a video game.  It’s nothing like that in real life.

Do you have to pay for archery lessons, well that depends on how you look at it.  You pay for everything either in time, money, or frustration.  So in a word, yes, you do have to pay for lessons.  You can choose to be smart about it and get a jump on things by doing just a few simple things.  These things won’t replace having a coach right next to you, but they sure will get you going in the right direction a lot faster.

Join an archery club

This is one of the best ways to get information and learn from others.  Most archers love talking about their gear, what they’ve shot, and the like.  So go ask them.  I received more free help than I could handle when I first joined a club.  It was great too because so many of the people are really nice and friendly.  You’ll learn about different shooting styles and get lots of good tips.  You might even get to shoot someone’s bow to see how things work out for them.

Read a book

Books will always be a good choice.  You’ll be able to learn about the way that your body interacts, how to deal with different problems such as wind and rain, and you’ll be farther ahead a lot quicker with as little as just one read through.  Here are a few good books to choose from.  I’d suggest picking one, reading it, and then applying it.  You can always get a second one if you want.

These are just a few good choices for learning about shooting and getting ahead of the game


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