Sighting in Your Bow is Easy

Sighting in your bow is the most amazing experience ever.  It’s almost as exciting as watching grass grow.  The most necessary of all evils to prevent real evil.  You don’t have to spend lots of time working through the sight in process.  You do need to make sure and spend the time doing this so you don’t have a crappy time shooting.  It’s also pretty easy.

Before you begin.  Make sure you’re shooting the right arrow and you are sighting in your bow for this one type of arrow.  Don’t mix and match, don’t do drugs, and consider staying in school.

Adjust left to right

After you’ve got all the new fancy gadgets on there properly.  Start with one pin.  I don’t shoot with more than two pins and I don’t go over 30 yards.  That’s my comfort zone and you’ll figure yours out eventually.  Take the top pin first.  Take a target at 20 yards.  Take 5 shoots at the center and see if your shooting to the left or right.  You take the pin and make it follow the arrows.  If you shoot to the right, then you move the pin to the right.

Adjust up and down

Now you want to do everything on the 20 yard target first.  So shoot about 5 arrows and then see where they end up.  Also, if any arrow doesn’t shoot the same as the others, get rid of it.  It’ll only mess things up.  Now just follow the arrows with the pin.  If you shoot high, then move the pin upwards.  After this, you repeat the same for the 30 yard target.

Tips for sighting in faster

Take time to make sure the arrows are good first.  This will make everything else better.  Check for the same field points, vanes, knocks, and inserts.

Make sure that the sight doesn’t move after several shots otherwise you’ll just have to repeat this all the time.

Be very careful with this idea.  Have your shooting arm supported to reduce shake.  You will almost never need this, just pointing out what I’ve seen.

Use the fewest pins necessary.  If you want 2 pins or 10 pins is up to you.  If you don’t use the other ones, take them out for simplicity and to help you have a cleaner sight window.

Sighting in your bow really isn’t that difficult, it’s just something you need to do.  It’s the same with any kind of accuracy product.  Guns, throwing knives, rubber chickens, etc.

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