The Comprehensive Guide to Peep Sights

The Comprehensive Guide to Peep Sights

A Guide to Peep Sights

Regardless of what purpose you will be using your bow, you will need to shoot with accuracy. After all, what’s the point of using your bow if you’re not going to hit your targets? One of the best ways to improve your accuracy is with the help of a sight. There are different designs of sights available, with each of them having its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Peep sights are one of the simplest forms of sight, but they are more than adequate if used properly.


What Are Peep Sights?


The peep sight is considered as probably the first aiming device ever made. Used for all kinds of shooting devices ranging from bows to assault rifles, the peep sight helps improve shooting accuracy by enhancing the focus of your eyes. Basically, the peep sight works by improving your eye’s ability to see what’s in front. In other words, it helps your eye to accurately judge its target, resulting into more accurate shooting. The science behind peep sights is that looking through a small gap enhances focus, improving aim and accuracy on the process.

Best Peep Sight Reviews

Traditionalists love the peep sight, and they have some distinct advantages over other aiming devices. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy if you choose to use peep sights for your bow.

  1. Easy to use – One of the best things about the peep sight is its simplicity. Using this device is easy. All you have to do is focus your eye on the sight and you’ll have a clearer look at your targets. Installation and maintenance are also simple. You won’t need batteries to use this device, and it is not prone to common issues such as fogging. A more detailed look at how to use your peep sight will be discussed at a later part of this article.
  2. Low price – The peep sight is remarkably inexpensive. With alternative aiming devices such as optics and lasers being quite expensive, it is a relief to know that you can purchase an aiming device at an affordable price. When you consider the accuracy of these devices, the peep sight is the most cost-effective aiming aid you can get for your bows.
  3. Accurate – Of course, an aiming device is useless if it is not accurate. The peep sight is a time-tested device with remarkable accuracy. In fact, the best peep sights are tested to be accurate in distances of up to 200 meters. This may not seem much, but that is a lot of useful range for most purposes. The peep sight is proof that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get an accurate and useful aiming device.



How Do They Work?

You must be wondering how the peep sight works. In the earlier part of this article, we discussed the mechanism behind the function of this sight. While that partially answers the question, you can better appreciate how the device work by actually learning how to use it. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use your peep sight.

  1. Find the right-sized peep sight – Size matters when it comes to using peep sights. There are some situations when using a smaller sight is better, and there are also situations when going for a larger sight actually helps you. Basically, going for a sight with a smaller aperture allows for better accuracy and range, as it gives a clearer and more focused view of the target. A small peep sight is better for shooting in broad daylight and situations where obstructions are minimal. In darker environments, a peep sight with a larger aperture is a better choice as it improves low light visibility.
  2. Properly install the sight – You will also need to learn how to properly install your peep sight. This is because improper installation could lead to inaccurate shooting, and can even damage either your peep sight or your bow. Installation instructions are slightly different for different kinds of bows. A later part of this book will focus on how you can install a peep sight in your bow properly.
  3. Learn to take aim – One thing about using peep sights is that you actually have to get used to using it. People who are just getting started in using peep sights tend to shoot their targets either too high or too low in the first few tries. It is recommended that you do some practice shots with your bow during the first few times that you’re using a sight. Eventually, you will find your sweet spot when aiming. However, if your aim is still off, you might have to consider adjusting your peep in the string. The peep should also be anchored securely, as even normal use can move it.


Best Peep Sights on the Market Today

    1. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight
G5 Outdoors has patented a convex interior diameter for this sight. This design helps in maximizing field of view even under low light conditions. This design also helps in providing a perfect circle aim when the peep is tilted. The string groove is likewise designed to be convex, allowing the sight to make contact with the string at a smaller surface area. This significantly reduces string wear, prolonging the lifespan of your bow string. In fact, G5 Outdoors is so confident with their design that their product comes with a “No-cut Guarantee”. Available in different sizes and colors, the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Peep Hunter Sight is one of the best products of its kind right now.

One thing going for this product is it works, plain and simple. Nearly all people who bought this product loved its accuracy, saying that it significantly helped them improve their aim. Many also like its build quality, noting how sturdy it looks. Another thing going for this product is the number of options available. Aside from being available in 3 different aperture sizes, you can also get this product in 6 different colors. If you are looking for a peep sight that works, then this is the product made exactly for you.

  1. Radical Archery Designs Super Deuce 38
This peep sight designed by Radical Archery Designs is made for the serious archer. It is built using anodized aluminum for light weight and excellent durability. It is mounted into the string at a 38 degree angle (hence the name) to provide users with a true round aperture at full draw. It has dual radius slotting that removes sharp points that can damage strings. It also has a safety groove that prevents accidental removal during dry fire. Available in different aperture sizes and colors, you can pick the Super Deuce 38 that fits your needs.

The Radical Archery Designs Super Deuce 38 has garnered strong reviews from those who have used it. People like it because it is easy to install and its rounded design protects the string from damage. It is also very accurate if installed properly, resulting to improved shooting almost right away. Perhaps the only downside to using this peep is that it might take some time before you get used to it. Overall, this peep gets the job done and should be able to provide excellent value for your money.

  1. Precision Peeps Sight
This product by Precision Peeps has a design that is completely different compared to other peep sights available on the market today. It has a unique vertical post found inside the peep. You can use this post as an additional point of reference for aiming. The idea is that instead of lining up 2 different apertures, you can line up the pin at the top of the post, making it easier for you to aim your shots. With this extra point of reference available, you can theoretically improve your shooting accuracy.

The reviews of the Precision Peeps Sight are mostly positive, a testament to the general effectiveness of this unconventional peep sight. The vertical post does its job as advertised. While that alone won’t raise your accuracy, it at least provides an additional point of reference for aiming should you be uncomfortable with traditional aiming. Of course, just like with any unconventional design, it will take some time to get used to it. However, once you get accustomed to its design, it does help with accuracy. Overall, it’s a good-quality product with a different approach.

How to Install a Peep Sight

Learning how to install your peep sight is crucial for maximum accuracy (and therefore maximum enjoyment). The installation process for recurve bows and compound bows are slightly different, but both procedures are not too complicated.


For Recurve Bows:

First, place your bow on its side. The side of the bow where you will place your sight should be facing upward. The sight should be aligned facing the front of your bow. Line up the holes in your sight with the holes found in the riser of your bow. With the help of a screwdriver or an Allen wrench, mount the sight into the bow. Check if your bow is at the right level using a string level. Place the level on the sight until it is accurately aimed. Once done, fully tighten the screws to secure the aim in its place, making sure that the arrow, when placed in your bow, does not come in contact with your sight. Adjust the telescoping frame of the sight to avoid eye strain while shooting.


For Compound Bows:

With the help of a bow press, determine the ideal position to place your peep sight. The ideal position is where you can accurately locate the center of the string. Mount the sight in place with the help of a screwdriver or an Allen wrench.  Confirm if the sight is centered by making a practice aim, checking if your eyes are correctly aligned with the sight. Your peep sight should go square with your eye, no matter how many times you try and aim it. Adjust the height of the sight if needed. Once the aim is properly positioned, tie in the sight using the stop knots found at the top and bottom of the peep sight.



Best archery sights for beginnersJust to recap everything, the peep sight is a device that helps improve your aim by improving your eye’s focus on its target. While not as advanced as other aiming devices, it is still very useful, thanks to its simple design, affordability, easy usability, and solid accuracy in most shooting conditions. You can choose from different aperture sizes for use in different shooting conditions. Installing a peep sight in a recurve or compound bow is relatively simple. However, if you find it too difficult, you can ask the help of a professional for proper installation.

The 5 Best Archery Targets

The 5 Best Archery Targets

The top reasons that you need to have the best archery target you can get your hands on is to protect your arrows, make sure the arrows get stopped, and has a long target life.  These sound simple and I’m sure that most targets will do this for a couple of arrows, but let’s say you shoot 10 arrows a day for a year.  That’s 3,650 arrows into one target every year!  Even if you shoot half that or less most targets that seem OK at first glance may not hold up to this level of use, especially if you want to shoot more than 10 arrows a day. Most of my acquaintances from backgrounds in archery and bow hunting agree that most of the time, you get what you pay for with targets. It is far better to buy a more premium target as your first archery target so that you can get used to shooting at the same target continuously, at the same time getting more mileage out of it and ultimately saving money.

best archery targets

Archery targets

First, a few tips on caring for your target.

  1. Sun and weather can make your target wear down much quicker. If you can’t put it somewhere covered, at least try to put a tarp on it.  That being said, a couple of weeks here and there in harsher elements shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your target if it is well made.
  2. Keep your archery targets away from pets or animals, especially dogs!  I learned that one by experience. I am amazed what can be done in one minute by two teething Labrador Retrievers.
  3. Don’t use broadheads when practicing with a target, broadheads are designed to tear and will greatly decrease the life of your target. Be sure to use practice arrowheads if possible.

Now on to the best archery targets

The 5 Best Archery Targets


The Bone Collector

The two big things with targets are stopping power and how easy it is to pull out your arrows.  This target does both very well.  It’s only made for target points, but don’t let that stop you because this block will hold up for years of use.  This one comes in white and yellow with different shoot able sides and faces.  I found the link for the yellow one.  This target is pretty big and heavy at 19 inches on each side and 32 pounds, you shouldn’t lose it.  Priced around $70-100, this is an excellent target.

Hurricane Archery Bag Target

Shoot the hurricane! This bag target does a great job of stopping arrows and letting you pull them out without much effort.  A bag target normally does better with a stand, but this one still seems to do very well on its own.  The burlap type material will eventually wear out, but it’s going to take a lot of use to get to that point.  The target has a set of deer vitals on the back to double the life of the target.  Priced around $50, you get a great target that should last for years.

Black B 20 Archery Target

This is the target that I use at home.  I love shooting the block.  This is a combination target which means that it can handle field points and broad heads.  You can shoot all 4 sides and the black and white gives you a nice high contrast to focus on.  The only downside is that these types of targets grip the arrow tighter to be able to handle broad heads.  Broadheads can even rip the foam out of the target, but they can do that to any target.  A solid target that will last for a very long time.  Priced around $115 -130, you get a great target for the money.

Field Logic Classic Block Target

A classic foam layered target that stops arrows through friction, this target has great stopping power.  This block is just a bit smaller and lighter than the others so if a heavy target is a problem, then this is the solution.  I originally started out shooting a foam layered target and have always had a good experience.  This one is no different.  If you’re shooting a heavyweight high-speed bow, this one might move a bit.  Priced around $70-200, this target works well for all ages

Rinehart broadhead target

Designed as a broadhead target, this block gives you 18 different spots to shoot at.  This one will grip your arrow very tightly to stop broadheads fast.  I love the angled corners because you need that if you’re going to be shooting from an elevated position.  A lot of people have gotten them with blurry painting so heads up.  This target does exactly what it was designed for, stopping broad heads.  Priced around $110-150 for an arrow stopping machine.

Shooting a good target makes archery more fun and enjoyable.  You’ll get more fun out of your time shooting when you have a target that stops your arrows, lasts a long time, and it’s easy to get your arrows back.

The 5 Best Broadhead Cases

The 5 Best Broadhead Cases

I’m a huge supporter of taking care of your equipment.  This means that you need to get the best broadhead case you can to take care of your arrows and broadheads.  These things are super sharp and you don’t want them to accidentally cut someone.  That would be an awful thing to happen.

You’re going to have to keep your broadheads somewhere.  You might as well just put them into a case that will protect them and keep them safe from damage and accidentally hurting others.  Most of these cases are really cheap and what you get is easily worth the price.  Seriously, how about no cut fingers for $7.  Not a bad deal is it?

The Best Broadhead Cases


MTM Broadhead Box (Clear) – Probably the best box for the money.  At about $6 you get a box that can hold up to 16 broadheads.  The case also has a clear lid so that you can see what’s in it and make sure everything is good with only a glance.  The only thing you need to be aware of is to make sure that your broadheads will fit before you buy.  At 2.7″ most broadheads will fit, but be sure to measure yours to make sure.


Rage Cage Broadhead Case (Holds-6), Red – This case is specifically designed for Rage mechanical broadheads, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for other ones that also fit the same dimensions.  This case is a solid and nice small package that protects your arrow heads.  It is made to fit the specific rage broadheads so if you want to try a different broadhead, be sure to check dimensions to see if it will fit.  Priced around $9, it’s a good price either way.


Plano Archery Accessory Box (Camo) – A toolbox that will hold all of your arrow accessories including broadheads, this case features a tray that lifts out and has a foam insert to securely hold your broadheads.  You’ll be able to fit more than just broadheads in this box which makes it easier to keep everything you’ll need.  Especially if you are using over size broadheads or need to keep extra gear together.  Priced around $19, it’s a good deal.


MTM Arrow Plus Case (36 Arrows, Black) – While not only a broadhead case, many arrow cases have a section for broadheads and that’s a nice feature in this arrow case.  It’s made for up to 36 arrows and has compartments to hold extra gear, like broadheads.  You can put the broadheads in as it is, or you can put your broadhead box in this case.  Priced around $32-35, it’s a great way to keep all your arrrows and accessories together.


Plano Broadhead Box – This broadhead box is really handy becuase it features the benefits of a larger box with a handle and liftout tray, but for a much smaller assembly.  It has space for your broadheads and then has a tray that goes on top that you can put in other parts and accessories.  If you had large broadheads, then you could just takeout the tray if you needed.  Priced around $8, it’s a great value price.


I hope that you’ll seriously consider protecting your gear.  If you protect your gear it will help protect you.  I’m not selling any of these, but I am trying to help you stay safe and enjoy all the different aspects of archery.  The products are linked to Amazon so that you can look at all the other reviews and decide which one is best for you.  The links are affiliate links and if you choose to make a purchase, then I will make a small commission but this won’t change the price and the profit will go to helping make this site a better and more useful resource.

The 5 Best Bowfishing Kits

The 5 Best Bowfishing Kits

Now that hunting season has come to a close, many archers are figuring they’re done for a while.  Say it isn’t so.  Let me introduce you to bowfishing if you’ve never heard of it.  Fishing with a bow.  Talk about a perfect marriage of two awesome things.

There are some rules and regulations for bowfishing so make sure what you can shoot in your state.  Typically it’s anything except the main game fish so most people go for carp, gar, stingrays, or anything that likes to be close to the surface or shallow water.  To get you started fast, here are some of the best bowfishing kits that you can just pickup and go with.  Since it’s getting to be that time of year, I’ll be doing a bit more writing on bowfishing, so heads up.

Some of the best Bowfishing kits


PSE Discovery Bowfishing Package – This is a complete ready to go kit that comes with higher quality accessories you’ll actually want including a good reel, line, arrows with tips, and a rest.  The 30″ max draw length and a constant 40lbs draw weight help it for snap shooting.  A very solid deal and priced around $299 to $330 for a great set from the beginning.  There is also a 29lbs version if needed.


Arrow Precision Frenzy Bowfishing Set – This is a lightweight ready to shoot package that has all you need to shoot from the get go.  The roller rest is great for bowfishing and the only couple improvements could be changing to a reel and a beefy serving on the string.  This bow has a constant draw of 40lbs out to 31# and includes 30 yards of 80lb line to bag your trophy.  Priced around $190 to 220, you’ll get all you need to start.


PSE Tidal Wave Bowfishing Package – This kit is a top of the line setup focusing on lightweight, snap style shooting, and hitting the ground running without the need to consider upgrades.  You’ve got an AMS reel setup, arrows, line, and rest.  It has an adjustable max draw of 30″ if you need to set it shorter and a constant 40lb draw weight.  Priced around $390 to $420 it’s probably the best bowfishing kit to start with.


Martin Saber Takedown Bow Fishing Kit– This recurve bow kit packs all you need into one package and offers a good value and price for everything you need to get started.  You’ll get the vibration dampened handle and smooth shot with this system.  The kit comes with it’s own case, arrows, spool, and it’s ready to go.  It does have a plastic tab arrow rest that you might want to upgrade.  Priced around $199 to $215, it’s a great starter kit.


PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit – The Kingfisher is a recurve bow that comes in three different weights of 40, 45, and 50 and includes all the things you’ll need to shoot right out of the box.  It features a snap shot rest, arrow, line spool, and 5o ft of 80 lb line.  It can have a bit of vibration, but that’s an easy fix.  It’s a very solid bow and will deliver great results.  Priced around $140 to $180 it’s a great choice for those on a budget.


These are 5 great choices to help you find what the best bowfishing kits would be for you.  As always, I linked them to Amazon so you can check out all the reviews and options for yourself.  It never hurts to read some reviews. 

I really appreciate your time and I hope that I’ve been able to help deliver value to you.  If you feel the same, I would really appreciate it if you would share this with your friends.

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The 5 Best Whisker Biscuits

The 5 Best Whisker Biscuits

When you start setting up your bow, you’re going to need a solid arrow rest to keep your arrow secure and allow it to be fired without affecting its flight performance negatively.  There are lots of different arrows rests out there.  I’ve spent time trying out and looking around for the best whisker biscuit bang for your buck out there.

What is a whisker biscuit?

A whisker biscuit is an arrow rest that uses stiff bristles to form a ring around the arrow.  The bristles hold the arrow in place and when the arrow is released, the vanes pass through the bristles.  The rest was designed to securely hold the arrow on your bow until it’s shot.  Don’t forget that they come in different sizes and you’ll need to decide which one is going to be the right fit for your arrows.

I’m sure you’re so happy to read all this, but let’s get down to the good stuff shall we?  I’m a fan of Trophy Ridge and normally, I try to focus on more than one brand, but for some reason Trophy Ridge is about all I can find and know of that really gets things taken care of when it comes to whisker biscuits.  Perhaps it’s because they made the original?   Now there are partial whisker biscuits called capture rests and some of them do work well, I’ve found one that was alright, but I’m not a fan of that style most of the time.

The 5 best whisker biscuits


Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow Right Hand Rest (Black, Medium)– I believe this is the best whisker biscuit made by Trophy Ridge.  This one is made from aluminum and it’s adjustable to make it super easy to get perfectly lined up on your bow.  The rubber housing on the tips keeps things quiet and this is the most rugged, adjustable, and durable whisker biscuit rest that I have found.  Priced around $55-65 you’ll get the top of the line secure capture rest.

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, Medium – Another great Trophy Ridge rest, the original quick shot rest is for both right and left hand.  It has some decent adjustability to help you get it tuned properly.  If you’re looking to get a good rest at a good price, this is a great value.  It can be found at a price range around $35-45 which gives you a pretty good rest for a good price.


Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Medium, Black– The third Trophy Ridge rest that really takes the cake for value and quality of whisker rests is the Kill Shot.  You’re arrows will be secure and fly great with this rest.  Heads up that this is cast aluminum on this model and that means you shouldn’t over tighten it.  There’s also plastic on the bristle housing, but you’ll find that this is a pretty good compromise on price and value.  Priced around $35-55 for a great value full capture rest.


Buffalo Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest Brush Whisker Medium Arrow Rest Right and Left Hand for compound bow Camouflage – The best features of this rest is that it can hold up to more expensive rests but for a fraction of the cost.  The full capture whisker biscuit will hold your arrows securely and it’s right and left-handed so you can put it on your bow and get it set up quickly and easily.  Priced around $25 for a decent rest that will cover almost all of your shooting needs.


Medium Arrow Rest Right and Left Hand – Camo – If you just want to get a basic whisker biscuit arrow rest that will take care of most of your shooting needs, then this is the rest for you.  It will take care of your arrow and get you down the range more accurate than any off the shelf shot would be.  Priced around $20, you’ll get a decent rest and it’ll make for a better shot.

There are many different types of arrow rests out there and the whisker biscuit is just one of many choices.  I hope that these help you decide the best whisker biscuit if that is the route that you choose to go on.

The links in this post are to amazon.  I really appreciate you reading this post and I want to help you in your archery efforts.  I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to go shoot more often.

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5 Great Wooden Longbows

5 Great Wooden Longbows

There’s a certain elegance and joy shooting a one piece wooden longbow that gives you great satisfaction and just feels good.  I have shot a PSE Sequoia for years and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It might not be a custom bow, but when you’re interested in a traditional longbow, you either end up with one of three things.  A beginner bow that is very weak, a mid range mass-produced bow that is a solid and very good bow, or a very expensive custom handmade bow.  Today, I want to talk about that mid range where you want more than a beginner bow, but you don’t want to throw down several more hundred dollars for a custom handmade bow that may or may not be what you’re looking for.

The bows here are some of my favorite mid range, mass-produced, one piece wooden longbows.  These aren’t beginner bows, these are the real thing with heavier draw weights that pack a huge punch and are real weapons.  Most are around 40-55 pounds, well at least that’s what it’ll be rated for at 28 inches.  What you’ll actually be pulling back will depend on your draw length.  So let’s get started.

5 great wooden longbows


October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter Longbow –  This smooth shooting traditional styled longbow.  The grip isn’t too big and it comes unwrapped, so you can do that if you want it.  The laminated woods make it look and shoot like a custom-made bow.  Be sure to check your packaging for the bow-string as some people haven’t gotten a string with the bow.  A quick call will fix that problem.  Draw weights for this bow are between 35-50.  This is an excellent bow and priced around $220-280, you get a smooth shooting high quality bow.


Bear Archery Montana 64 Longbow –  The first thing you might notice about this bow is how light it is.  It may be light, but it sure is strong.  It shoots arrows smoothly and quietly with its FastFlight string.  The reflex deflex design really help lower the weight of the bow while still maintaining excellent power.  The draw weights range between 50 to 60 lbs.  Priced around $350-400, this is an excellent high quality bow that works very well.


PSE Wolverine Bow–  The dark finish on this bow plus the thicker riser gives you a solid and powerful design that is a offers a very strong bow.  This bow can handle long draw lengths easily, which is a huge problem for many archers.  There is a big logo on the bow, but that doesn’t affect its performance.  This bow has draw weights between 35-60 and is priced around $200 which makes it an affordable and excellent choice for a mix of quality and price.


Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow –  A beautiful wood grain finish complements the power and speed that this bow delivers.  It’s a top of the line bow and feels much more like a custom bow than a mass-produced one.  Don’t forget to buy a pad for the arrows shelf, that’s about the only thing missing.  The reflex design on this bow really helps it store a lot of power and it delivers as a very high quality bow.  Draw weights are from 40-65 and it’s priced around $420 to $550.


OMP Sierra Longbow–  October Mountain Products Sierra 68″ Longbow for the classic longbow archer with an eye on quality. The Sierra is of high quality and crafted from maple and walnut woods, with a custom finish. Features clear fiberglass limbs with reinforced limb tips. Available in your choice 45 or 50-lb. draw weights. Priced around $250


These bows are real power houses and make no mistake, these are not toys and they’re also not beginner bows either.  I always recommend trying out bows in person at first.  A traditional bow has a personality and feel, much like an old car, and you’ll find that certain bows match you perfectly.  I wish you the best in finding your ideal bow.

Some of these links go to Amazon so you can check out the product and make your own decision. These are good products and you can read all the reviews on Amazon as well to help you decide what you would like.

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