Bow Hunting Is Great

I’d love to take a minute and talk about why bow hunting is great.  There are a lot of people out there on both sides of the argument of pro and anti hunting.  I’m very much a pro hunting person and I’ll share with you several of the great things about bow hunting.

Mother Nature and respect

The land and the animals all exist in a relationship I’ll call the circle of life.  Hunters for the most part are some of the most conservation minded people out there.  Regulating and controlling the environment is often at the top of their list.  If the lands and animals are not taken care of, then their career, hobby, life, and lifestyle all disappear.  That’s a huge thing.

Self control and awareness

Hunters learn self control and awareness of themselves and their surroundings.  I’m not trying to sound like a ninja, but most hunters pay attention very well and learn to control themselves.  They also have plenty of time to think without lots of distractions which is what most people talk about wishing they could do all the time.

Ethical treatment of animals

A wild animal has the most natural state of existence and can be assured of the best life possible.  Seeing first hand where the meat on your plate comes from and the process that it goes through makes you understand and appreciate what you have.  Don’t believe me, then just watch youtube videos about animal farms.

Bow hunting takes skill

From shooting to stalking and everything in between, bow hunting is a very difficult thing to do.  There are more life skills that you can learn from practicing your art to managing a wild game area.  None of this is easily mastered, just ask all the hunters you know who will admit all the times they don’t take an animal.

These are just some of the reasons that bow hunting is great.

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