SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow Review

With the reviews on the SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow mostly recommending it as a bow suitable for both beginners and expects, this is one particular bow unit deserving serious scrutiny. It carries with it several features that will most likely entice you into buying. Here are the specifics.

One thing to note about this bow is the level of power you can get from it, having the ability to go between 40 and 55lbs of draw weight is an incredibly useful feature. Check out also the arrow rests and the sight, many users say that these aspects of this bow model suit them very well.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Specifications:

• The draw length is 29 inches.
• The draw weight is from 40 to 55 lbs.
• Distance between axles is 41.5 inches.
• Let-off level on the bow is 70%. This means you will hold only 16.5 lbs of the maximum 55 lbs when the draw force is at its peak.
• Maximum shoot speed is 206 feet per second.
• Recommended arrow length is 30 inches. Aluminum and carbon arrows are preferable.
• Bow’s body weight is 4 lbs.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Highlights:

The SAS Siege is said to be a beginner’s bow, but it can’t be placed fixedly on any particular level of archery expertise. Because of the high level of adjustability and flexibility of its parts. Men, women and children can use this bow for any purpose – hunting, target shooting and even general practice.

• It features compressed ABS limbs. The implication for this is that the engineering of the bow ensured that it has balance, has the right weight and the right level of strength. This feature makes it a bow that can last for years.
• The bolt is adjustable. Draw weight will be decreased by about 5 lbs when the bolt is loosened. Vice versa, it will increase by the same amount when the bolt is tightened.
• The limbs are supported by back pivoting pockets. This is the feature that makes the bow possess accuracy that is far superior to others.
• There are cut outs in the riser of this compound bow. The purpose is to make it have a waffle-like appearance.
• This bow can take a force of 55 lbs when its string is pulled to its maximum draw. That big force magnitude even if at this point the cams are still not activated. When launched the arrow will have a velocity of 206 feet per second.
• This bow is for right-handled people only.
• The sight is adjustable.
• Replacement/repair of damaged parts is covered by a warranty. In addition, there is a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Pros and Cons:

The SAS Siege is one of the most inexpensive compound bows for beginners available in the market. The manufacturer is a Taiwanese company and the USA distributor goes by the name of Southland Archery Supply (SAS). The latter is the one that offers the warranty for parts, so you know where to go just in case you need replacements or repairs.
With the low pricing, which of the parameters have been compromised? Let us find out.

Here are the Pros:
• Some parts and systems in this bow are able to be upgraded. For one, it comes with an adjustable 3-pin sight which you can upgrade to something like a 5-pin type. The original sight is adjustable, which means you must carefully tighten it into its hole to achieve a good level of stability.
• This bow is available in three different finishes, meaning you can choose a unit that will suit your personal taste. Available finishes are Black, Autumn Camo, and the Black/Silver combination finish.
• Its ability to be upgraded is supported its many “waiting” holes. There will be no problems if you want to mount a D-loop, a peep, or a quiver aftermarket.
• Finger-shooting is highly possible for this model. You can finger-shoot with almost instinctively even without using a fiber optic or a peep sight. It is one reason why this is a good bow for beginners and archers who already own a recurve and would to switch to using a compound.
• This model is quieter compared to more expensive units and has less vibration, an incredible advantage for anyone wishing to use this bow for hunting. If there is a need to further lessen the vibration, you can opt to install a stabilizer and a string silencer. This can help even with minimizing the recoil effect.
• The let-off of 70% is pretty a welcome feature for starters. It will allow them to focus on form and aim rather than on trying to stabilize their hold on the string while pulling it.
• The poundage is adjustable. The axle distance is a good distance for a compound bow like this unit. The twin cam system also produces a smooth draw-cycle. The material used on this system looks strong and sturdy.
• This bow shoots targets accurately. If accuracy needs to be enhanced, there are many upgrades available for the unit.
The price is unbeatable.

Here are the Cons:
• Some parts are made of plastic. Check the 3-pin sight and the arrow rest. You might have some issues with the material used for these parts.
• It is manufactured outside the US. You might have issues with that as well.
• The screw that is to be used to connect the cable guard to the riser is super tiny. It can be easy to lose or misplace this part if you are performing maintenance on this part of the bow.
• There is no manual accompanying the unit. Considering that it needs upgrading to enhance many of its properties, this is a serious oversight on the part of the manufacturer. However, SAS has a manual on its site. It requires you to visit the site every time you need to confirm if what you are doing with the bow is alright or not.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Activities and Usage:

With this bow, you can undertake a lot of activities. Remember, you can buy two or three units of this model so everyone in the family can enjoy shooting together, including your children, have a spare unit to use for practicing.

Suggested activities include the following:
• Bow fishing – Since this bow has a lot of pre-drilled holes, there should be no problem attaching a bow fishing reel to it. With a maximum of 206 fps, you will surely kill any fish that you will be able to hit with your reel. Because its weight is just enough for underwater bow fishing, you can go deep diving and catch more fish.
• Bow hunting – This is for those who would rather go bow hunting than using a rifle. This bow is more than suitable for anyone wanting to hunt using a bow, the 206 fps that the arrow can reach when launched should be more than enough for even larger game.
• Target shooting – This bow is more than suitable for simply enjoying some archery practice, the sights and rests included in the package provide enough comfort and accuracy to hit most targets between a short to medium range, depending on your proficiency. For longer range shots it would be beneficial to purchase some upgrades for the bow.

There are many more activities you can do using this bow. You can join shooting competitions, or throw a party and play a bow and arrow game with your guests.