Archery for Beginners, Plus Some Tips

Archery for Beginners, Plus Some Tips

So you want to get into archery?  That’s awesome and I support you.  How about a bit of history and random info to make you want to shoot a bow just a little bit more.  This is the quick and short version.  Feel free to read the whole thing on Wikipedia.

According to legends, bows and arrows originated around sixteen thousand years ago. In fact, most experts in the field believe that humans have an inborn talent of archery. The oldest arrowheads were first found in the South African caves.  Bow fragments were discovered in Germany dating from 8,000B.C.  The second bow fragments were not far from there. They were found in Denmark and dated from 6,000 B.C. Over the years, archery equipment and styles have evolved. Archery is not just a sport or used for hunting, but offers many other benefits.

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Archery for beginners

Benefits of Archery for Beginners

Bows and arrows have always been used for many purposes. The primary purpose has always been self-protection and hunting. In ancient times, bows and arrows were also used as currency. They were used as a medium of exchange.  I’d have a hard time selling my bow.

According to archery history, man has been closely associated with archery for a very long time. In modern times, the scope of archery has expanded. People use it to serve many functions. Some people use it for hunting, while others consider archery to be a sport. In recent years, archery has been quite famous in international sporting events like Olympics.  Movies and books have also helped to make archery even more popular.

With advancements in technology, archery has been changing steadily. Technology has been responsible for significantly improving the build, design and construction of bows and arrows.  Crossbows are one good example of such weapons. The modern compound bow design has probably been the single biggest change in archery over its entire history.

Although archery has never been associated with a specific culture, there are some particular regions and geographical locations which have been famous for this activity. In archery history, English archers, West German archers, Chinese archers, and Brazilian archers have been quite famous.

Due to its popularity, archery has become a big industry in many parts of the world. There are many companies which manufacture and sell archery equipment in many different designs and sizes. Different kinds of materials are used to make bows stronger and arrows more lightweight.  This is why it can get pretty complex looking at all the things available.

Some Basic Tips

There are many archers who use modern bows and arrows, and favor a strong shooting form. These bows and arrows come with mechanical attachments,releases, and more. These aids can help you have better form, shoot more accurately, and produce better results.

In order to achieve proper shooting form, and even increase the accuracy of your shots, it is always better to hold the bow at full or complete draw. While shooting the arrow, there should not be any sort of mental or physical glitches. If you’re just a beginner, you should consistently practice with a bow and arrow. A strong focus and doing the same thing for every shot should be more important than hitting the target at first.

My favorite tip is this.  Take your cellphone and video yourself shooting your bow.  It really helps when you can see what you like from a few different angles.  If you drop your bow after the shot or aren’t pulling back correctly, then having a video can be super helpful.

A good training school or class can be very beneficial for beginners. These days, you can also find some online tutorials to help you learn archery or brush up your skills.  There are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who love archery.  If you need help, then you can get it in pretty much any way possible.

Go have fun and get started.