20 Pack Zombie Shooting Targets Normal and Large Multi Page


Get your skills up to speed quickly shooting your favorite zombies!


Fend off the zombie apocalypse by practicing with these zombie shooting targets. These normal and large size printable targets will help you to get ready for any attack. If you’re not getting ready for the coming attack, then you’ll at least have a lot of fun shooting zombies in the comfort of your own backyard.

What’s included in the Zombie Shooting Targets Pack

These are the single page targets

  1. Alien zombie
  2. Fat zombie
  3. Zombie soldier
  4. Two zombies
  5. Zombie head
  6. Headless zombie
  7. Zombie torso
  8. Standing zombie
  9. Zombie attacking a person
  10. Zombie Silhouette

These are the large multi page targets

  1. 4 Page Alien zombie
  2. 4 Page Fat zombie
  3. 4 Page Zombie soldier
  4. 4 Page Two zombies
  5. 2 Page Zombie head
  6. 4 Page Headless zombie
  7. 3 Page Zombie
  8. 3 Page Standing zombie
  9. 4 Page Zombie attacking a person
  10. 4 Page Zombie Silhouette

Increase your skill and have more fun by printing your own targets. You’ll have a lot more fun and you’ll also be saving tons of money. These zombies will cost you a few cents from the very first target.

The product is delivered to you by a file download. You will receive 20 pdf documents in color so that you can print them off however you want. You can choose to print them in color or in gray-scale just by changing the setting in the printer you are using.

These zombie shooting targets have been especially created for your enjoyment and fulfillment.

Go shoot some zombies!!