The Genesis bow is one of the most popular bows for young archers.  For many, this is the product that bridges the gap from child’s toys to a real bow.  I shot one of these when i was young and it was just as easy back then as it is now.  I always recommend getting a kit when you’re getting your first real bow.  It comes with everything needed to start shooting right out of the box.  That’s why it makes an excellent gift.

Bow specifications

  • Axle to Axle – 35.5″
  • Brace Height – 7 1/2″
  • Draw length – up to 30″
  • Let off 0%

What’s included

  • arrow shelf rest
  • 5 aluminum arrows
  • arm guard
  • two paper targets

Not included

  • bow sight
  • stabilizer
  • bow case
  • release aid

Special notes

  • comes in right and left hand options
  • draw weight is changed with an Allen wrench
  • comes in 6 different colors

original genesis bow kit

Genesis bow kit – Lime

Most kids can handle this bow starting around 2nd to 3rd grade.  You should adjust the draw weight for them too.  It adjusts easily and you’ll have no problems using it between adults and kids.  The bow is made of aluminum and can stand up to years of enjoyment.  The 0% let off means that it acts like a traditional bow.  This is so that you can use it at any draw length.

If you need any other recommendation, the National Archery in Schools program recommends this bow for kids and it’s because it’s sturdy, light, and will work for all shapes and sizes.  You can always add-on other accessories to make the bow fit your needs better.  I’m sure you can find another genesis bow kit review, but honestly they’ll all tell you how awesome it is.

Genesis Bow Kit, Right Handed, Blue Raspberry