Essential  Accessories For Bow Hunting


You’ve got the talent, you can hit the bulls-eye regularly from your preferred distance. You’ve got the desire and have found your ideal hunting area and have identified your desired prey. To assist in locating your prey, you may choose to use trail cameras or other optical accessories. To learn more about these read my review here.

However you can’t really succeed at bow hunting without the right types of equipment. The key to hunting is not only skill and technique, but ensuring that your equipment is appropriate for the type of hunting you’re doing. Do you need a blind/hide or tree stand or are you going to try the stealth approach to your prey? These are some of the questions that you need to answer before you head out for your hunt. Think outside the box and be try to think like an animal. What would you do in order to hide from a hunter? What places may seem secure and undisturbed by hunters? To these questions and more you’ve found the answers in the right place.


Camouflage Clothing

Ready to hunt like you’ve never hunted before? Pretend you’re a tree? A bush? See your success rate improve dramatically.
Camouflage gear abd tree stand

The most important thing with regard to bow hunting is the ability to remain undetected by your prey. Whatever camouflage clothing your get it needs to blend in with the environment that your are hunting in. The main thing is to break up the human shape and not to alert your prey to your location, whether by movement, sound, smell or sight. Therefore your need to have a plan to cover all these areas.

For camouflage clothing suited for a woodland environment consider the following. Look no further than the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity pattern or the Realtree Xtra pattern, these are available for a variety of manufacturers.

If you are hunting out in the open then maybe a ghillie suit will be a better solution. Turn from human into ground cover within seconds, and they come in a variety of color ranges from snow to woodland. It’s the ultimate in 3D camouflage concealment. To read more about ghillie suits and hunting with ghillie suits, have a look at

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are a perfect edition to your bow hunting kit, this is especial the case when hunting in pairs. It can be essential to stay in contact, particularly if your hunt is covering some distance.  You may want to consider a long range walkie talkie something suitable to talk over a vast miles and cover mountainous terrain. Reporting back to your group or the ability to radio for help could literally be the differences of a life or death situation in the outdoors.

Animal Callers

Why wait for the animals when you can get the animals to come to you!

Walsoon CP550 Outdoor Wireless 10W Speaker Turkey Decoy Bird Caller The Walsoon CP550 Outdoor Wireless 10W Speaker Turkey Decoy Bird Caller is perfect during thanksgiving and delivering a special fresh turkey to the dinner table. Not only does it take care of turkey’s, but has more than 400 sounds of different animals and birds that will make the job so much easier. Wireless remote control, both in synchronization, react sensitively, work up to more than 250 Yards.

But there is a simpler choice for those who are less experienced and aren’t ready to fork out a lot of money.



Summit Zillions Deluxe Animal Caller The Summit Zillions Deluxe Animal Caller is just one simple breath to create nature sounds and bring those animals coming. There are only 10 sounds to choose from, but it’s a way of easing into the world of hunting. On the plus side? It looks like a Viking horn. So Game of Thrones fans, get excited.


Scents and Baits

Another course of action to take is to try and bring the animals to you,  by the use of scents and baits. These will have the benefit of luring your prey to a certain spot. If the area looks to be animal-friendly or you have identified animals in the area, leave bits of food and find somewhere to hide and wait. Depending on your intended prey, ensure that you leave the right type of bait. It is however worth noting that leaving the right type of bait will ensure that you hunt only the specific animal you intended to. Some of the more popular varieties are:



Or you could try a scent as you attractant



For those that want to try some simple attractants from your home pantry, you could try peanut butter or vanilla extract


Tree Stands or Blinds

As we said at the beginning of this article, your success with hunting depends largely on your ability to remain undetected by your prey. Therefore a means to hide your presence is essential. You may like to look at the following blinds and tree stands as a means to achieve your objective.

Big Game Treestands Deluxe Universal Blind The advantage of this tree stand is that it can be used as blind at ground level if required.


Big Game Treestands The Charger Blind This blind for the size of it only weighs a tiny 11-lbs. It is also quick and easy to set up.


Summit Treestands Crush Series Peak Hang-On Stand Whilst there are cheaper tree stands out there, this one comes with a seat installed which you will appreciate if your are waiting up a tree for an extended period of time.


With all stands and blinds, it is worthwhile remembering how long you may lay in wait for your prey. Seriously think about a suitable seat to allow you to remain vigilant and comfortable. Remember your movement and sounds will also alert your prey even if you a secreted in your blind.


If you’re in a location that is renowned for its hunting ground, find a particular spot and lay low till you begin to hear any sort of rustling. Use your animal caller to seek out and bring it closer to you, but remember to lay low and hold your position. You may try this on a tree, rock, bushes, or near a cave site. The waiting game is always the hardest, and at the end of the day, you may leave with nothing. So be patient and keep trying. As they say, patience pays and all you need for a successful hunt is patience, apart from your bow and arrow.

When hunting in any setting, it’s a requirement to stay quiet, watch where you step, and ensure that there are no humans within the of your intended hunt. For example, as you come close to a deer, take deep breaths and remember to have your equipment ready. Aim as if you’re about to win gold in the Olympics. Take a deep breath and pull, steady yourself, and release the arrow at your target. Always remember to take that deep breath and release when shooting. It not only helps you stay calm, but the aiming process means you’ll be steady and not shaking or feeling the pressure to shoot.

Good luck