The Best Compound Bow 2017

The Best Compound Bow 2017

The Best Compound Bow 2017

Today we’re here to find out what is the best compound bow 2017. If you wish to level up your archery skills, you can try using a compound bow. This type of bow uses a levering system that gives the bow a unique let-off capability. Choosing the best compound bow of 2017 will not only promote efficiency, but will also help you develop more of your skills to land those arrows with precision.

Those who are interested in finding the best compound bow for hunting, for instance, always choose based on some important considerations. Using their criteria, bows should be: compact for easy control, fast enough to have the flattest possible trajectory, lightweight, and smooth to shoot. It should also be quiet enough so as not to alarm their prey while hunting.

To help you out in your search, here is a short list of options for the best compound bow 2017:

Leader Accessories Compound Bow Hunting Bow

This is a great option and runner up for best compound bow 2017. If you are just starting out or if you do not want to spend an arm and a leg then this is the compound bow for you. This bow is made by Man Kung from Taiwan.Leader Accessories - Runner up Best Compound Bow 2017 Man Kung has been in business for decades and is trusted in manufacturing parts and add-ons for many US based big brands. The fact that this one is crafted in Taiwan is definitely not a downer.

This is one of our runner ups for best compound bow 2017 and is an excellent bow across the board. Its draw weight goes up between 50 to 70 pounds. It has an adjustable draw length of 25 inches to 31 inches. This makes it easy to adjust even for beginner hunters. It shoots at a staggering speed of 310 fps.

This bow is of high quality and is made from a modern composite material. It is sturdy and durable enough for serious hunters. The aluminum riser is carefully crafted with lots of cool cut outs that give it a modern look. The pack includes accessories like an arrow rest and a peep sight. These, however, can be bought separately if you wish.

Bow performance is smooth, with bearable noise and vibration when shooting. This bow is solid enough for bow hunting with an axle-to-axle (ATA) length of 35 inches.


This bow also has an aluminum dual eccentric cam system for added durability. It is not only good for hunting but for bow fishing as well. You simply have to attach a bow fishing reel to the bow’s pre-drilled mounting holes. This hunting bow from Leader Accessories comes in a stylish autumn camo or black finish.

The list of pros for this product still outweighs the cons, making it a worthy option for anyone looking for the best compound bow 2017. To compare:


  • Draw weight and length can be adjusted
  • Provides great precision
  • Sturdy enough to be used for back-to-back archery sessions and hunting
  • Can be utilized for bow fishing
  • Its great pacing makes it a good option for hunting sessions
  • Its pricing is affordable
  • Availability of several color combinations


  • Limited to right-hand users
  • Extra accessories should be bought separately
  • Might be a little heavy for beginner archers


Overall, the Leader Accessories 50-70 Hunting Compound Bow is a great steal for a price of $250. It is well crafted, shoots very accurately, and can easily keep up with models that cost double the price or even more.


FBA Service Compound Bow Package

This compound bow is our second runner up for best compound bow 2017 and is good for hunting and can be used both by beginners and veterans. Its draw weight ranges from 19 to 70 pounds, while its draw length goes from FBA Bow Package for Beginners - Runner Up Best Compound Bow 201719 inches to 30 inches. It has an IBO speed of 320 fps and an ATA of 28 inches. The brace height measures 7 inches, covering an 80% let-off.

It is sturdy and durable at a bow weight of 3.31 pounds and an aluminum bow riser built. It has a CNC 7075-T6 bow cam can easily be adjusted in just two minutes, even by kids. Its great performance is assured by the high quality of materials used in its limbs and it bow string, imported from Gordon Composites in the USA and BCY USA respectively.

Since this compound bow comes as a package, you can find the following already included in your purchase: bow, five-pin optical bow sight, brush arrow rest, braided bow sling, rubber stabilizer, bow release, D-loop, peep sight, Allen keys, string wax, bow stand, 6 pieces of arrow quiver, limb dampers, arrow puller, and a carbon mix arrow (18” x 30″). All these accessories amount to a total of $200.00 in value. This is already a great deal for a bow that comes with everything you need.

What is great about this bow is that it gives you flexibility when it comes to draw weight. With a range of 19 pounds to 70 pounds, it is suitable for all games (small, medium or large).  While some would tend to make the wrong assumption of this bow being an off brand bow or a low quality product because of its weight, this bow will prove you wrong. It will surely provide you a top notch compound bow complete with all the accessories.

This compound bow package from FBA Service is light and compact. It offers great value for money with all the additional accessories already provided in the package. Its durability is affected by how well the bow is used and maintained.


  • Good for hunting
  • Suitable for small, medium, or large hunting game
  • Great all-in-one package deal
  • Good product for a reasonable price


  • Some false perceptions and speculations on the quality of the product and its accessories
  • Available only for right hand version


BEST COMPOUND BOW 2017 – Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Our third finalist and clear winner of the title best compound bow 2017. The Diamond Archery Infinity Edge Pro is crafted by one of the famous compound bow manufacturers in the world, Bowtech. This bow is specially designed for novice level archers, kids, and females. It has a wide variety of adjustable settings which is important while teaching archery to kids and ladies. It is also good for target shooting sessions.Diamond Edge - Best Compound Bow 2017

The usual package of the Diamond Infinite Edge bow package will give you everything you need to use the bow straight out of the box. It has a 3-pin tundra sight and a tube peep sight, making it a breeze to aim. The tundra sight’s fiber optic lines are great for starters.

The 5″ ultra-lite octane stabilizer is a good add-on that does not have vibrations while shooting. This makes the whole draw cycle more steady and accurate. Apart from that, it gives more balance to this bow, further adding to its already comfortable draw cycle.

The package also includes the Hostage XL arrow rest, which has a simple design but is sturdy and has no mechanical parts. This is considered as an adequate arrow rest for starters.

The Dead Lock Lite Octane quiver with 5 arrows capacity is a fine and practical add-on too. It is easy to use and friendly for beginners with its quick-detach system.

A comfort wrist sling and a BCY string loop come in the package as well. The BCY Loop is attached to the part where the nock is on the bowstring. It is used to pull or hold the string with the use of a release aid. With this mechanical release, you will have a quicker release that creates less torque on the string from your fingers.

The bow supports dual cam eccentric systems which are elliptical in shape and are perfectly synchronized for a perfectly smooth, straight flight. The cable is also very smooth and is the perfect fit for beginners and women. The shooting IBO speed of the bow is 310 fps. As the bow is specially designed to be lightweight in nature and comfortable to shoot.

Once released, there is a built-in string stopper which will protect the bowstring from vibration. There is also zero-hand shock which is another highlight of this product. Normally, light vibrations or shock will be felt by archers in their hands after shooting the arrow but this compound bow does not pass the shock or vibration to the users. This is actually one of the reasons why it is preferred by women and children.

The Diamond Archery Infinite Edge is one of the most convenient compounds because of its adjustability. Its draw length can go from 13 inches to 30 inches, while its draw weight can be adjusted from 5 pounds to 70 pounds. Set at 70 pounds draw weight, 30 inches draw length, and 310 fps IBO speed using 350 grain arrows, the Infinite Edge Pro produces 74.7 of Kinetic Energy (KE). This means that it is capable of going for the roughest game with no problems and is suitable for hunting activities.

The axle-to-axle length of the bow is 31 inches, which is appropriate if you are above 5.10 feet in height. At 3.1 pounds in bow weight, it’s considered as a standard weighted bow. While there are bows that are lighter or heavier, 3.1 pounds is considered to be the perfect weight for an archer to shoot their target with better precision and power.

The compound bow could also be used for bow fishing, if you wish. The Infinity setting makes this compound fit for bow fishing as it results to a zero let-off. Therefore, it will maintain most of its peak holding weight for the whole draw-circle. This is important in bow fishing as you need to be able to shoot swiftly.

The bow is available in three different color options, a great plus for those who are looking for more stylish options. Depending on their taste and preference, users can choose from: Mossy Oak Infinite, Black Ops and Pink Blaze.

The product definitely speaks for itself as it is incomparable with others considering the quality and its reasonable price of less than $400, just a few of the many factors that make it the best compound bow 2017.



  • Lightweight and highly adjustable compound bow
  • Great build quality for the price
  • Produces bearable vibrations while shooting
  • A highly balanced bow which provides perfect shots
  • Adjustable draw weight and length
  • Best for beginners and seasoned archers and hunters



  • Need to manually install the peep sight
  • Tundra sight and arrow rest can be improved


All in all, the Diamond Infinite Edge pro compound bow is one of the most versatile bows in the market. It is user-friendly for all ages, experience levels, and for whoever wants to start taking up archery as a hobby.


Choosing the Right Bow for You

Looking for the best compound bow 2017 seems to be challenging due to the wide array of models and manufacturers available out there. Regardless of your experience, age, and proficiency level, it is best to try as many bows as possible before you actually buy your own equipment. Getting a feel of the various bows in actual use will help you manage your expectations and be realistic in your choices.

Compound bows are versatile, light, and overall a wonderful piece of equipment for hunting and target practice.

Look for a bow that is simple, fairly priced, and made of quality materials that will surely help you learn the basics of archery. You can just then transition into a more advanced bow when you are already comfortable with shooting or when you are ready to begin competing. Choosing to have the simple bow as your starting equipment can help save a lot of money in the long run.

Starting out with more complicated equipment is not preferable as your needs might change as your skills improve. This is true especially for young learners that are just starting to discover the sport. However, you should ensure that the first compound bow that you buy and use gives you outstanding performance. Yet it should be flexible enough with either a non-specific draw length or an adjustable draw length. This will allow you to make adjustments in your form as well so you can work on improving your game.

Other important considerations that you should include in your criteria are: comfort; ease of handling; controllable and light draw weight, bearable bearable noise and vibrations, and affordable. Your choice of the best compound bow 2017 should be flexible enough to adjust to your form and skill as you grow within the first 6 months to a year of shooting.

The 5 Best Archery Targets

The 5 Best Archery Targets

The top reasons that you need to have the best archery target you can get your hands on is to protect your arrows, make sure the arrows get stopped, and has a long target life.  These sound simple and I’m sure that most targets will do this for a couple of arrows, but let’s say you shoot 10 arrows a day for a year.  That’s 3,650 arrows into one target every year!  Even if you shoot half that or less most targets that seem OK at first glance may not hold up to this level of use, especially if you want to shoot more than 10 arrows a day. Most of my acquaintances from backgrounds in archery and bow hunting agree that most of the time, you get what you pay for with targets. It is far better to buy a more premium target as your first archery target so that you can get used to shooting at the same target continuously, at the same time getting more mileage out of it and ultimately saving money.

best archery targets

Archery targets

First, a few tips on caring for your target.

  1. Sun and weather can make your target wear down much quicker. If you can’t put it somewhere covered, at least try to put a tarp on it.  That being said, a couple of weeks here and there in harsher elements shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your target if it is well made.
  2. Keep your archery targets away from pets or animals, especially dogs!  I learned that one by experience. I am amazed what can be done in one minute by two teething Labrador Retrievers.
  3. Don’t use broadheads when practicing with a target, broadheads are designed to tear and will greatly decrease the life of your target. Be sure to use practice arrowheads if possible.

Now on to the best archery targets

The 5 Best Archery Targets


The Bone Collector

The two big things with targets are stopping power and how easy it is to pull out your arrows.  This target does both very well.  It’s only made for target points, but don’t let that stop you because this block will hold up for years of use.  This one comes in white and yellow with different shoot able sides and faces.  I found the link for the yellow one.  This target is pretty big and heavy at 19 inches on each side and 32 pounds, you shouldn’t lose it.  Priced around $70-100, this is an excellent target.

Hurricane Archery Bag Target

Shoot the hurricane! This bag target does a great job of stopping arrows and letting you pull them out without much effort.  A bag target normally does better with a stand, but this one still seems to do very well on its own.  The burlap type material will eventually wear out, but it’s going to take a lot of use to get to that point.  The target has a set of deer vitals on the back to double the life of the target.  Priced around $50, you get a great target that should last for years.

Black B 20 Archery Target

This is the target that I use at home.  I love shooting the block.  This is a combination target which means that it can handle field points and broad heads.  You can shoot all 4 sides and the black and white gives you a nice high contrast to focus on.  The only downside is that these types of targets grip the arrow tighter to be able to handle broad heads.  Broadheads can even rip the foam out of the target, but they can do that to any target.  A solid target that will last for a very long time.  Priced around $115 -130, you get a great target for the money.

Field Logic Classic Block Target

A classic foam layered target that stops arrows through friction, this target has great stopping power.  This block is just a bit smaller and lighter than the others so if a heavy target is a problem, then this is the solution.  I originally started out shooting a foam layered target and have always had a good experience.  This one is no different.  If you’re shooting a heavyweight high-speed bow, this one might move a bit.  Priced around $70-200, this target works well for all ages

Rinehart broadhead target

Designed as a broadhead target, this block gives you 18 different spots to shoot at.  This one will grip your arrow very tightly to stop broadheads fast.  I love the angled corners because you need that if you’re going to be shooting from an elevated position.  A lot of people have gotten them with blurry painting so heads up.  This target does exactly what it was designed for, stopping broad heads.  Priced around $110-150 for an arrow stopping machine.

Shooting a good target makes archery more fun and enjoyable.  You’ll get more fun out of your time shooting when you have a target that stops your arrows, lasts a long time, and it’s easy to get your arrows back.

SAS Siege Compound Bow Review

SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow Review

With the reviews on the SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow mostly recommending it as a bow suitable for both beginners and expects, this is one particular bow unit deserving serious scrutiny. It carries with it several features that will most likely entice you into buying. Here are the specifics.

One thing to note about this bow is the level of power you can get from it, having the ability to go between 40 and 55lbs of draw weight is an incredibly useful feature. Check out also the arrow rests and the sight, many users say that these aspects of this bow model suit them very well.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Specifications:

• The draw length is 29 inches.
• The draw weight is from 40 to 55 lbs.
• Distance between axles is 41.5 inches.
• Let-off level on the bow is 70%. This means you will hold only 16.5 lbs of the maximum 55 lbs when the draw force is at its peak.
• Maximum shoot speed is 206 feet per second.
• Recommended arrow length is 30 inches. Aluminum and carbon arrows are preferable.
• Bow’s body weight is 4 lbs.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Highlights:

The SAS Siege is said to be a beginner’s bow, but it can’t be placed fixedly on any particular level of archery expertise. Because of the high level of adjustability and flexibility of its parts. Men, women and children can use this bow for any purpose – hunting, target shooting and even general practice.

• It features compressed ABS limbs. The implication for this is that the engineering of the bow ensured that it has balance, has the right weight and the right level of strength. This feature makes it a bow that can last for years.
• The bolt is adjustable. Draw weight will be decreased by about 5 lbs when the bolt is loosened. Vice versa, it will increase by the same amount when the bolt is tightened.
• The limbs are supported by back pivoting pockets. This is the feature that makes the bow possess accuracy that is far superior to others.
• There are cut outs in the riser of this compound bow. The purpose is to make it have a waffle-like appearance.
• This bow can take a force of 55 lbs when its string is pulled to its maximum draw. That big force magnitude even if at this point the cams are still not activated. When launched the arrow will have a velocity of 206 feet per second.
• This bow is for right-handled people only.
• The sight is adjustable.
• Replacement/repair of damaged parts is covered by a warranty. In addition, there is a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Pros and Cons:

The SAS Siege is one of the most inexpensive compound bows for beginners available in the market. The manufacturer is a Taiwanese company and the USA distributor goes by the name of Southland Archery Supply (SAS). The latter is the one that offers the warranty for parts, so you know where to go just in case you need replacements or repairs.
With the low pricing, which of the parameters have been compromised? Let us find out.

Here are the Pros:
• Some parts and systems in this bow are able to be upgraded. For one, it comes with an adjustable 3-pin sight which you can upgrade to something like a 5-pin type. The original sight is adjustable, which means you must carefully tighten it into its hole to achieve a good level of stability.
• This bow is available in three different finishes, meaning you can choose a unit that will suit your personal taste. Available finishes are Black, Autumn Camo, and the Black/Silver combination finish.
• Its ability to be upgraded is supported its many “waiting” holes. There will be no problems if you want to mount a D-loop, a peep, or a quiver aftermarket.
• Finger-shooting is highly possible for this model. You can finger-shoot with almost instinctively even without using a fiber optic or a peep sight. It is one reason why this is a good bow for beginners and archers who already own a recurve and would to switch to using a compound.
• This model is quieter compared to more expensive units and has less vibration, an incredible advantage for anyone wishing to use this bow for hunting. If there is a need to further lessen the vibration, you can opt to install a stabilizer and a string silencer. This can help even with minimizing the recoil effect.
• The let-off of 70% is pretty a welcome feature for starters. It will allow them to focus on form and aim rather than on trying to stabilize their hold on the string while pulling it.
• The poundage is adjustable. The axle distance is a good distance for a compound bow like this unit. The twin cam system also produces a smooth draw-cycle. The material used on this system looks strong and sturdy.
• This bow shoots targets accurately. If accuracy needs to be enhanced, there are many upgrades available for the unit.
The price is unbeatable.

Here are the Cons:
• Some parts are made of plastic. Check the 3-pin sight and the arrow rest. You might have some issues with the material used for these parts.
• It is manufactured outside the US. You might have issues with that as well.
• The screw that is to be used to connect the cable guard to the riser is super tiny. It can be easy to lose or misplace this part if you are performing maintenance on this part of the bow.
• There is no manual accompanying the unit. Considering that it needs upgrading to enhance many of its properties, this is a serious oversight on the part of the manufacturer. However, SAS has a manual on its site. It requires you to visit the site every time you need to confirm if what you are doing with the bow is alright or not.

SAS Siege Compound Bow – Activities and Usage:

With this bow, you can undertake a lot of activities. Remember, you can buy two or three units of this model so everyone in the family can enjoy shooting together, including your children, have a spare unit to use for practicing.

Suggested activities include the following:
• Bow fishing – Since this bow has a lot of pre-drilled holes, there should be no problem attaching a bow fishing reel to it. With a maximum of 206 fps, you will surely kill any fish that you will be able to hit with your reel. Because its weight is just enough for underwater bow fishing, you can go deep diving and catch more fish.
• Bow hunting – This is for those who would rather go bow hunting than using a rifle. This bow is more than suitable for anyone wanting to hunt using a bow, the 206 fps that the arrow can reach when launched should be more than enough for even larger game.
• Target shooting – This bow is more than suitable for simply enjoying some archery practice, the sights and rests included in the package provide enough comfort and accuracy to hit most targets between a short to medium range, depending on your proficiency. For longer range shots it would be beneficial to purchase some upgrades for the bow.

There are many more activities you can do using this bow. You can join shooting competitions, or throw a party and play a bow and arrow game with your guests.

Top Selling Recurve Bows 2017

Top Selling Recurve Bows 2017

11 Top Selling Recurve Bows Under $200

If you’re an archery enthusiast on a budget then you need to review this list. Anyone who’s looking for a good value recurve bow under $200, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top selling recurve bows for 2015 featuring their main selling points. You can then make your own decision regarding which is best for you. To assist in the process the list has been divided into 3 sections; recurve bows under $200, under $100, and under $50. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Recurve Bows Under $200

1. Martin Jaguar Take-Down Bow

If you’re looking to spend as little money as you possibly can, then this bow is one of the best to go with, if not the best. It’s suitable for many different activities, including hunting and target practice. If you have a sensitive pair of hands, you’ll be delighted to know that this particular model has a very comfortable grip.

This bow is also pretty durable, since it’s made out of aluminum. Since it consists of 3 parts, it means that you will have no trouble carrying it around no matter where you go, and it also means that you can store it pretty much anywhere. If you’re a beginner and are unsure as to whether you’d want to continue with this hobby, this is a huge plus, because you can just store it under the bed or something after you’re done shooting.

To recap:

Easy to store and carry around


Comfortable grip

Good price-to-features ratio

Multiple draw weights


2. PSE Razorback

The first thing you’re bound to notice on this bow is how beautiful it is to look at. It almost looks like a piece of jewelry. That being said, its looks are not the end of what it has going for it. To start off, it’s good to know it comes either in 20, 25, or 30 lbs. These draw weight options are really important, because women will typically want to go with a lower number than men.

This model also has an ambidextrous design, so both right-handed and left-handed users will be able to enjoy it. This is a take-down bow, which means that carrying it around or storing it is incredibly simple.

It’s made of laminated wood, which is pretty sturdy. The amazing thing about this bow is that it hits pretty hard, which is almost unusual for its draw weight, so this is a perfect choice for those who are looking for maximum power while still retaining the comfort level when using it.

The only drawback is that this bow is rather large, and might not be that great for those who have a shorter stature. However, a lot of archers have plenty of success shooting bows that are much taller than they are, so you really should try it out first.

To recap:

Ambidextrous design


Different draw weights


Laminated wood construction

Hits hard


3. Samick Sage Takedown Bow

This is another budget-friendly bow, and it has different draw weights, with 30 pounds being the minimum, and 55 pounds the maximum. Upon taking a first glance at it, you immediately get the feeling that this bow was taken straight out of Lord of the Rings or something similar, because how traditionally-wooden looking it is, which is a great feature for purists.

The bow is very versatile, and if you’d like to attach something extra to it, you will be able to do it without any problems. But if you’re just looking for something beginner-friendly that works from the get go, this bow pretty much delivers it.

Being constructed from Maple and Olive Dymondwood, this bow is as sturdy as it gets while still retaining its natural beauty. The limbs tend to be on the longer side of the scale, but since this bow is take-down, this really isn’t a problem, since you’ll be able to carry it around and store it wherever you want to.

It’s suitable for hunting too!

To recap:


Suitable for both beginners and experts

Very budget-friendly



Limbs will remain in perfect shape even after 2 years

4. SAS Maverick One Piece Bow

Another fascinating piece of equipment for archers who prefer the traditional wooden look of their bows. Having the option of having either 40 pound or 50 pound draw weight, this bow was designed for those who are very serious about their hunting. However, these draw weights might make the bow a little less suitable for beginners.

It might be a little more difficult to carry around this bow, because it has a one-piece construction. If you’re unsure what draw weight you’re looking at when you see one in person, just inspect it closely. You should see a huge number being engraved into the wood that will tell you the exact draw weight.

This bow is perfect for any string, and you can even customize it if that’s what you’re looking for. In any case, this thing can pack some serious punch.

To recap:

Traditional wooden design

Suitable for serious hunters

Accepts any string or accessory

Packs quite a punch

One-piece construction


5. Ragim Wildcat 62″ Wood Take-Down

This bow is basically a perfect starting point for beginner archers, sort of like a starter kit, because you also receive a quiver, an instruction book, and 4 arrows with your purchase. As a matter of fact, it’s a great choice for kids who are at least 8 years old. Available both as a left-handed or right-handed version, so no-one is left out of the equation.

You also get to choose between draw weights ranging from 12 to 40 pounds, which truly allows everyone to find a perfect bow for themselves. And when you get stronger, you can simply replace the limbs which should up the challenge by quite a bit.

The downside of this bow is that it’s not really made for serious hunters, only for outdoor target practice, which is still fine (depending on your needs of course). It’s also a lot lighter than several other bows, which makes the user experience that much more enjoyable.

To recap:

For outdoor target practice only

Great selection of models





6. Bear Archery Kodiak Cub Bow

If you’re looking for a traditional bow for young beginners, this is a great choice. It’s still popular in 2015, even though it was already introduced in the 60’s. Nearly every bow expert has learned and refined his craft by starting out with this model, so it definitely has a rich history.

This bow is a pleasure to use, and a great bow for learning. As far as its construction goes, it’s worth noting that its hand-finished and satin-coated. The bow string is already included, so it’s pretty much ready to go once you purchase it.

To recap:

Grab and go design


Rich history

Great bow for learning


Recurve Bows Under $100

1. PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bow

This is the perfect bow for younger archers, since its draw weight totals at merely 22 pounds. It’s also very budget friendly. This particular model has ambidextrous design, which means it’s suitable both for left-handed and right-handed people.

Upon picking it up and holding in your hands, it gives a very sturdy and robust feel. Because of its draw weight, however, this is not suitable for those who are serious about hunting. But that’s okay, since this model was designed for younger people who are just seeking to get their first piece of equipment before getting more serious with their hobby.

To recap:


Suitable for younger people


Ambidextrous design


2. SAS Spirit 62″

This bow is ideal for hunters and also suitable for those who just want to have some fun outdoors. It’s made out of fiberglass and maple, which should be sturdy enough.

Because it has different draw weights (between 26 and 36 pounds to be exact), it’s suitable for both children and adults. It’s easy to put it together and apart, which shouldn’t take more than a few moments. The bow tends to be very beginner friendly, and is suitable even when you get past the beginner stage and want some extra challenge.

The handle is beautifully sculpted and feels great when holding.

To recap:

Suitable for hunters as well as hobbyists

Made out of fiberglass and maple





Recurve Bows Under $50

1. Martin XR Recurve Bow

This is one of the most budget-friendly options for young beginners. It might not be as powerful as its competitors, but it’s very non-demanding to use, which makes it a great entry-level bow. And if their hobby ever becomes something more serious, they will be able to get a new one in time. But starting with a more expensive bow is never a good idea, because they tend to require more strength to handle, which is very unpleasant for those who don’t have as much arm-strength.

Anyway, this bow has ambidextrous design, so your kids will love it, no matter which hand is their primary one. The experts might criticize it, but for its price and its target demographic (kids), this is still a great buy. The 10 to 20 pound draw is just not going to be a hurdle, not even for the youngest kids.

It’s worth noting that you receive some extras with your purchase, which includes setup tools, a storage solution, and more, which makes this a perfect starting kit for young archers. And when your kids grow up and have kids of their own, they can use the same model to teach them the fine art that is archery.

To recap:


Very low draw weight

Suitable for kids

Smaller size

Ambidextrous design


2. Bear Archery Titan Bow

This is probably the cheapest bow listed here, since you can get it around $40. Because of the price, you really can’t expect this to be professional-grade hunting equipment, but then again, it’s not a toy either. If you’d like, you can pay a tiny bit more to also receive an arm guard, some arrows, a target, and some other goodies, which is the perfect starter kit for kids over 12 years of age.

It has ambidextrous design, and you can choose among several draw weights, from 20 to 29 pounds. This bow is available in different sizes, so you can get one that goes along with the size of your kid perfectly.

It’s also very lightweight, which enables the user to focus more on technique rather than fighting with the bow all the time. In any case, if you’re a novice who’s just starting out, or you want to buy your kids a great entry-level bow for the best bang for your bucks, this is probably the bow to go with.

To recap:

Great starter kit

Among the cheapest bows out there

Amazing for the money spent

Different draw weights

Ambidextrous design


3. Bear Archery Bullseye X Bow, 62″

Another modern-looking starting piece of equipment for the aspiring archer, but this one comes with a beautiful wooden handle. Its multi-laminate limbs are quite capable of withstanding all sorts of abuse and pressure and won’t break as easily.

This bow is a take-down bow, which means you will be able to carry it around no matter where you go, then store it just about anywhere. Assembling and disassembling is done in seconds, and should not be that big of a problem.

To recap:


Great for beginners

Modern design



Hopefully, you now have a better idea what the top selling and best recurve bows under $200 are. By carefully going through the list, make a note about your favorite picks, then carefully analyze them some more in order to pick the best one available for your particular needs.

For example, some of these models are made mostly for target practice in mind, while some will be more suitable for the most serious among hunters. Still, everyone should find something for themselves just from this list of top-selling bows.

So what are your favorites?

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JOAD – Junior Olympic Archery Development

JOAD – Junior Olympic Archery Development

The JOAD Program

JOAD, Junior Olympic Archery Development is an archery development program that operates across America. This course is designed to teach children and teenagers the things that they need to know to progress from beginner level archery to intermediate and advanced levels. In addition to teaching youth about archery and proper techniques, the program also focuses on promoting life skills and self-confidence. Operated in USA Archery clubs across the nation, it is a simple matter to find your closest club to sign yourself or your children up for the program. To locate your nearest archery club, check out our listing of of Archery Clubs and Ranges here.

Most of the clubs have rental archery equipment available for hire for those that do not already possess their own equipment. For those interested in starting a club in their area, it is possible to establish your own club, to do so, contact a JOAD State Coordinator and talk to them about opening your own branch.

To reward achievements within the program, JOAD offers special “star pins” to recognize the accomplishments of those participating in their program. These star pins are treated as a way of observing the competency of the archers in the program based on their performance in the achievement program. The star pins all come in different colors and are decorated with a number of starts representative of the achievement level of the respective archer. The highest achievement attainable in this fashion is the 6-star pin, awarded to those who manage to shoot 6 10’s in a row.

JOAD supports archers who make use of both recurve and compound bows and offer a safe place for prospective archers to practice and improve in both of these styles of archery. Participants of the program are trained to participate in both local and national competitions. Catering for those between the ages of eight and twenty, the program is suitable for anyone between these ages and wishes to improve their archery, whether for recreational or competitive reasons.


Junior archery competition

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Many people who have taken part in the program previously have reported that in addition to improving their archery, JOAD allowed them to forge new friendships and team-building skills that they previously did not have. The beauty of this program is that it puts a group of like-minded and similar aged youth together and provides them with an activity that offers instant recognition of improvement and can encourage a healthy competitiveness between those in the program. Such an atmosphere is perfect for bonding and finding people with similar interests. For those who are too old to participate in JOAD or for family members who wish to partake in archery as a family, Archery USA also offers similar programs for adults.

To sign up to the program, a membership fee of $90 is required or a fee of $65 to those who previously participated in USA Archery’s Explore Archery program.


JOAD programs are open to both recurve and compound bows and most clubs offer rental equipment so you can try both styles before you invest in the equipment that suits you best. If you are ready to take the next step and use your own equipment our reviews in both compound bows and recurve bows can help you find the bow that will cater to your needs.

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