I’m  pretty self-sufficient when it comes to taking care of my equipment, but sometimes you don’t have the right tools or even know where to go.  Here are a few archery tools that you need to have to make sure that you can take care of your bow yourself.  Any of these will help a bit, but all of them together will give you the ability to take complete care of your own equipment and fine tune it to your needs.

I’m not mentioning all the little parts that you might need with these tools.  I’m focusing on the main tool that will do most of the work.  For example, you’ll need to get glue and vanes to fix your arrow, but it will be a waste of money if you don’t make sure to buy the fletching jig to install them.

The archery tools

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The Real Avid Bowsmith Multi-tool is an excellent all in one that takes care of a majority of your gear needs.  It has 28 different functions built-in that will take care of prepping arrows to be fixed, installing nocks, to sharpening broadheads.  You’ll find that you can do a lot with this one tool.  Priced around $40, it’s worth every penny for its usefulness.



The Martin Bowmaster bow press is the tool that you use to make any and all string, cam, or tension adjustments on your bow.  This is a really handy version that you can take with you if you need to make a repair while your out in the field.  Priced around $47 to 55, it’s a super value for all your needs.



The Arizona Rim Country arrow fletching jig is a very easy to use and works great for fletching all the vanes on your arrow at one time.  This makes fixing an arrow extremely easy and eliminates most problems involved with fixing your own arrows.  Be sure to get the fletching jig that matches what you want on your arrows.  There is right helical, left helical, and straight.  Priced around $50, you’ll save tons of money fixing your own arrows.



This Carbon Express pro bow square helps you to line up your arrows on the bowstring.  You can then place a nock in the right spot and you’ll consistently get higher quality shots than you would by just placing the arrow in a random spot each time.  A very simple and extremely useful tool.  Priced around $12, it makes life easier for a low price.




The BCY Bearpaw serving tool makes installing a serving on your bowstring very easy.  It’s much better than the Bohning red tool in my opinion.  The rollers and adjustable tension make it easy to have a secure serving protecting your bowstring from wear and tear.  Priced around $29, it will save you lots of money on replacing bowstrings.


All of these tools are very important in taking care of your own equipment.  Each one will need to be used in conjunction with the right parts so be sure to pay attention to that.  For example, if you buy the serving tool, then you will also need to buy serving thread to use on the serving tool.  I hope this helps you figure out what archery tools you’ll need to take care of your equipment.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to go shoot more often.