Practice is fun and therapeutic for me.  I don’t really consider practice because it makes me feel good and centered.  I know that might sound a little out there, but the focus and concentration required of practicing makes me happy.  One thing that makes me very unhappy is dropping my arrows.  I just put the arrows in my back pocket and they fell out randomly making me go back to look for them often.  An arrow quiver is the solution to that problem.  These are the best arrow quivers that I’ve found for practice.


Bohning Target Quiver – This hip quiver, which I’m quite partial to, is light and does exactly what is says it does.  You have multiple plastic tubes so you can keep your arrows separated.  It has a couple extra zippered pockets for you to keep any extra stuff you need.  The only downside is that the tubes are not made to handle broad heads.  It also has right and left hand versions.  These are priced between $25-30.



Edge Bow Butler – The coolest stand for a long time out shooting.  It’s kind of like a golf caddy for you.  You get a spot for your arrows and it even holds your bow for you.  If you are going to walk from place to place and be there for a bit, then this is a great option.  The only cons can be the drink holder being tipped at an angle.  Priced at $40-50 you end up with a great product.



Kwikee Kompound Kwiver – The 6 arrow holder attaches onto your bow quickly and securely.  If you plan to hunt with one on your bow, make sure to practice with one on there as well.  The quiver works great for most arrows, some large arrows might not fit though.  This quiver does exactly what you need and most people never have their arrows come loose.  Priced between $25-30, you get a good value for your money.



Tarantula Three Tube Quiver – A three tube hip quiver that has two pockets for more items.  The great thing about multiple tubes is that you can separate your arrows into different types or if they are for different people.  This quiver is well constructed and will take care of all your basics for you.  Priced between $17-25 you get a great value.



Wyandotte Leather Back Quiver – This is the back quiver to get in my opinion.  This back quiver does a great job of keeping your arrows secure and has several straps so you can fit it to your liking.  Just remember that leather is a natural product and there will be color variations.  If you are a bigger person or wearing a lot of clothing, then you might need to see about extending the straps.  Priced between $60-75, this is my favorite back quiver.


If carrying your arrows around is a problem, then you won’t want to go practice.  Make sure to take care of that with an arrow quiver.  It will make your life better and that means you’ll get to go shoot more.

Have fun

These links go to Amazon, so you can look at the product yourself and make your own decision.