Now that hunting season has come to a close, many archers are figuring they’re done for a while.  Say it isn’t so.  Let me introduce you to bowfishing if you’ve never heard of it.  Fishing with a bow.  Talk about a perfect marriage of two awesome things.

There are some rules and regulations for bowfishing so make sure what you can shoot in your state.  Typically it’s anything except the main game fish so most people go for carp, gar, stingrays, or anything that likes to be close to the surface or shallow water.  To get you started fast, here are some of the best bowfishing kits that you can just pickup and go with.  Since it’s getting to be that time of year, I’ll be doing a bit more writing on bowfishing, so heads up.

Some of the best Bowfishing kits


PSE Discovery Bowfishing Package – This is a complete ready to go kit that comes with higher quality accessories you’ll actually want including a good reel, line, arrows with tips, and a rest.  The 30″ max draw length and a constant 40lbs draw weight help it for snap shooting.  A very solid deal and priced around $299 to $330 for a great set from the beginning.  There is also a 29lbs version if needed.


Arrow Precision Frenzy Bowfishing Set – This is a lightweight ready to shoot package that has all you need to shoot from the get go.  The roller rest is great for bowfishing and the only couple improvements could be changing to a reel and a beefy serving on the string.  This bow has a constant draw of 40lbs out to 31# and includes 30 yards of 80lb line to bag your trophy.  Priced around $190 to 220, you’ll get all you need to start.


PSE Tidal Wave Bowfishing Package – This kit is a top of the line setup focusing on lightweight, snap style shooting, and hitting the ground running without the need to consider upgrades.  You’ve got an AMS reel setup, arrows, line, and rest.  It has an adjustable max draw of 30″ if you need to set it shorter and a constant 40lb draw weight.  Priced around $390 to $420 it’s probably the best bowfishing kit to start with.


Martin Saber Takedown Bow Fishing Kit– This recurve bow kit packs all you need into one package and offers a good value and price for everything you need to get started.  You’ll get the vibration dampened handle and smooth shot with this system.  The kit comes with it’s own case, arrows, spool, and it’s ready to go.  It does have a plastic tab arrow rest that you might want to upgrade.  Priced around $199 to $215, it’s a great starter kit.


PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit – The Kingfisher is a recurve bow that comes in three different weights of 40, 45, and 50 and includes all the things you’ll need to shoot right out of the box.  It features a snap shot rest, arrow, line spool, and 5o ft of 80 lb line.  It can have a bit of vibration, but that’s an easy fix.  It’s a very solid bow and will deliver great results.  Priced around $140 to $180 it’s a great choice for those on a budget.


These are 5 great choices to help you find what the best bowfishing kits would be for you.  As always, I linked them to Amazon so you can check out all the reviews and options for yourself.  It never hurts to read some reviews. 

I really appreciate your time and I hope that I’ve been able to help deliver value to you.  If you feel the same, I would really appreciate it if you would share this with your friends.

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