I’m a huge supporter of taking care of your equipment.  This means that you need to get the best broadhead case you can to take care of your arrows and broadheads.  These things are super sharp and you don’t want them to accidentally cut someone.  That would be an awful thing to happen.

You’re going to have to keep your broadheads somewhere.  You might as well just put them into a case that will protect them and keep them safe from damage and accidentally hurting others.  Most of these cases are really cheap and what you get is easily worth the price.  Seriously, how about no cut fingers for $7.  Not a bad deal is it?

The Best Broadhead Cases


MTM Broadhead Box (Clear) – Probably the best box for the money.  At about $6 you get a box that can hold up to 16 broadheads.  The case also has a clear lid so that you can see what’s in it and make sure everything is good with only a glance.  The only thing you need to be aware of is to make sure that your broadheads will fit before you buy.  At 2.7″ most broadheads will fit, but be sure to measure yours to make sure.


Rage Cage Broadhead Case (Holds-6), Red – This case is specifically designed for Rage mechanical broadheads, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for other ones that also fit the same dimensions.  This case is a solid and nice small package that protects your arrow heads.  It is made to fit the specific rage broadheads so if you want to try a different broadhead, be sure to check dimensions to see if it will fit.  Priced around $9, it’s a good price either way.


Plano Archery Accessory Box (Camo) – A toolbox that will hold all of your arrow accessories including broadheads, this case features a tray that lifts out and has a foam insert to securely hold your broadheads.  You’ll be able to fit more than just broadheads in this box which makes it easier to keep everything you’ll need.  Especially if you are using over size broadheads or need to keep extra gear together.  Priced around $19, it’s a good deal.


MTM Arrow Plus Case (36 Arrows, Black) – While not only a broadhead case, many arrow cases have a section for broadheads and that’s a nice feature in this arrow case.  It’s made for up to 36 arrows and has compartments to hold extra gear, like broadheads.  You can put the broadheads in as it is, or you can put your broadhead box in this case.  Priced around $32-35, it’s a great way to keep all your arrrows and accessories together.


Plano Broadhead Box – This broadhead box is really handy becuase it features the benefits of a larger box with a handle and liftout tray, but for a much smaller assembly.  It has space for your broadheads and then has a tray that goes on top that you can put in other parts and accessories.  If you had large broadheads, then you could just takeout the tray if you needed.  Priced around $8, it’s a great value price.


I hope that you’ll seriously consider protecting your gear.  If you protect your gear it will help protect you.  I’m not selling any of these, but I am trying to help you stay safe and enjoy all the different aspects of archery.  The products are linked to Amazon so that you can look at all the other reviews and decide which one is best for you.  The links are affiliate links and if you choose to make a purchase, then I will make a small commission but this won’t change the price and the profit will go to helping make this site a better and more useful resource.