It’s extremely important to shoot the best that you can.  One of the very best ways to make sure that your accuracy is good is to shoot the best carbon arrows that you can get your hands on.  I’m a massive fan of carbon arrows for anyone getting into archery.  They should be high up on your list of priorities in terms of equipment.  They are the only thing that actually flies through the air and hits an object.

First time buying carbon arrows?

Don’t worry, these are all very good arrows and I’m only going to show you ones that already have vanes attached.  There are a few things you should know when you buy arrows.

  • They normally come full length ( about 32″)and you have to get them cut to your length and an insert glued in.  If you buy arrows in person, this normally gets done for free.
  • Arrows come in different degrees of stiffness called “spine.”  You’ll find a chart for the arrows you want, normally on the box, that will tell you which one you should get.  I also have a link to the right chart if I could find it.
  • Don’t worry about which vanes on back of the arrow.  Unless you’re shooting a very special setup, all the vanes below will work fine for a compound and the bottom extra arrows work well for traditional bows.
  • If you do get the carbon arrows with feathers for a traditional bow, the nock will most likely not be lined up correctly.  It’s set for a compound bow.  You just turn the nock 90 degrees either way and you’re good to go.

The best carbon arrows

In no particular order

Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Arrow –   The Pile Driver is a solid and heavier than normal carbon arrow.  The extra thickness gives it extra weight, penetration, and durability.  That extra weight makes for a hard impact no matter what you’re shooting at.  They come in two spines of 250 and 350.  Priced around $90-150 for a dozen, you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.
Gold Tip Expedition Hunter Carbon Arrows. – A great arrow with solid craftsmanship.  These arrows are tough and good on a budget.  They come in three different spines.  Be aware that these shafts are just a bit shorter than normal at 30.5″ if you have a long draw length.  It shouldn’t affect 80% of archers.  Priced around $65-85 for a dozen.
Beman ICS Hunter Arrow High quality arrows with a 2″ vane makes for an excellent shot.  These even come with a vibration dampener to help the arrow maintain accuracy.  You’ll have a good experience with these.  They come in three different spines.  Priced around $90-120 for a dozen.
Easton Flatline Arrows – These carbon arrows are light and fast.  At 8.2 grains per inch, you’ll be shooting very flat.  These have the 2″ blazer vanes for a tight spiral.  Easton has a reputation for good products for a reason.  Priced around $100-120 for a dozen.

Cabela’s Stalker Extreme Carbon Arrows – These arrows are tough and very good quality.  They shoot very flat and stand up to a fair amount of abuse.  They come in two different spines.  I was surprised how much I liked these when I first tried them out.  Priced around $85-90.  Spine chart is on the product page.

Cabela’s Stalker Extreme with Feathers – These are the ones that I’m currently shooting on my traditional setup.  Just pick the 55/70 spine for a traditional bow.  They shoot very flat and hit hard. Priced around $50 FOR SIX.

If you want to buy the best carbon arrows for the money, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth by choosing any of these.  Be sure to check your arrows for any cracks or defects on arrival and after any miss.  It only takes a second and could save you some problems.

Some of these links go to Amazon.  They are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.  It will not affect your price at all.  It will go to helping make this a better site and resource for others.

Go have fun!