One of the very cool things about modern archery has been the invention of mechanical broad heads. The best mechanical broadheads are made of metal construction and stay in a compact shape just like a filled point until impact where they open up to have a larger cutting pattern then you can have with a fixed broadhead.

best mechanical broadheads

Typical mechanical broadhead

Tips on using mechanical broadheads

If you are going to use a mechanical broadhead, you want to be sure to do a few things first. The first thing that you want to do is to make sure and use a fields point of the same gram weight as the mechanical broad head you want to use.

The second thing is to make sure that you have plenty of spare bands or blades if you damage or break a broad head.  I’d also recommend getting the practice blades, normally around $15-20.  These let you shoot the real broad head you want to use without wasting the targets and good blades.  O-rings are made to be cut when the head opens so they are a one time use item, but they’re really cheap.

Some mechanical broadheads are made to open at the slightest pressure while others are meant to need a bit more pressure so that they can be shot through a mesh or camouflage screen.  Either way, you don’t want to put your broadheads in a quiver where the point is shoved in some foam or padding because it can make the blades deploy on accident. I won’t mention grains below since most come in at least 2 different grains.

Now on to the good stuff.

The 5 best mechanical broadheads

Swhacker 100 Grain 2-Inch Cut Broadhead  – You get a three pack of 2 inch cutting diameter 2 blade broad heads.  The S Whacker Broadhead is made with great quality and will fly just like your field point, so you don’t have to adjust your aim.  This mechanical broadhead is held in place with a shrink band. You can buy a box of shrink bands for about 2 or 3 dollars.  The 2 blade mechanical heads have just a bit more metal than a 3 blade to be used for strengthening the mechanical components, just my opinion. Priced around $25-30


Rage X-treme Two Blade Broadhead– Rage has made a high quality mechanical broadhead for a very long time.  This is a 2 blade broadhead with an impressive 2.3″ cutting diameter.  These have made an update by not using shrink bands, instead, you’ll find a plastic shock collar which is made to open with a bit more force so you can shoot through mesh.  Some people have said the blades are a bit thin, but that’s why they’re replaceable.  Priced around $35-50.


Allen Spider Mechanical Broadheads – A really good quality budget broadhead.  Granted, I’m a fan of Allen for all those budget hunters out there, but these really do a good job.  They are a 3 blade 1-1/2″cutting diameter that do exactly what they’re made to do.  You might want to check and make sure the blades are sharp for these when you get them.  Some people have said they had issues getting these to shoot right.  If that happens, I’d check your arrow alignment and try all the broadheads, with a practice blade of course.  Priced around $10-20.


New Archery Products Spitfire® Broadhead – A high quality 3 blade broadhead with a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter head that flies great.  These tips don’t use o-rings.  They have a retaining clip built inside the broadhead.  These have little ferrules down the length of the tip to help in flight stabilization making them fly very good.  Their practice heads and blades are supposed to fly the same so you can save the hunting blades for actual hunting.  Just be sure that the head is completely clean and clear of debris that could keep it from working.  You are supposed to replace the inside retainer clip after every 5 shots just so you know.  Priced around $30-55.


Grim Reaper Razor Tip 2-Inch 3 Blade – The Grim Reaper is a 3 blade broadhead with a 2″ cutting diameter.  These fly great and the pack even comes with a practice tip so you don’t have to mess up the good blades.  These are made for high fps bows, but I’ve never heard of any problem of them not working with any compound.  As long as you make a good shot, these will do their job.  Priced around $30-38.


These are all great mechanical broadheads that will help you to have a successful hunt.

I appreciate your time and wish you the best