When you want to choose the best recurve bows for beginners, you need to get your facts straight.  Choosing the best recurve bow can be a matter of opinion and function and everything else.  It really depends on who you ask.  I’m going to give you my best answer for a good beginner recurve that can be used and upgraded without having to get another recurve.

My thoughts for a great recurve for beginners means that the bow should be able to work as it comes.  The bow also needs to have the choice to attach sights and any other extras you might want.  I prefer a take down design as well because you can change the poundage without having to get a new bow, you just get new limbs.  Most of these bows are less expensive which makes it an even better deal for getting your first one.  You get the best of any direction you choose to go in.

best recurve bows for beginners takedown bow

Here’s what a takedown bow looks like. It’s just 3 pieces plus a bow string.

All of these bows will be great starter bows.  I chose these because you can add attachments and upgrade the limbs  as needed.  You’ll still have to buy arrows and any other extras, but these will last a long time and can upgrade as you want.  Most of these don’t come with any extras so you’ll need to get your own arrows, targets, and everything else.  The name of each bow is a link that goes to Amazon so you can check them out for yourself.

The 5 best recurve bows for beginners

Samick Sage Takedown – Probably the all around best recurve bow for beginners.  This Samick has a right and left hand version with different strength limb options for you to choose from.  Hard maple limbs with black fiberglass make for an excellent looking and shooting bow.  This bow can grow with you by just buying new limbs as you want.  This is the best bow for the price at around $135 -145.
Martin Archery Jaguar – This bow is a great affordable option that you can use as is.  It comes with a bow stringer and a flipper shelf rest.  A lot of people replace the arrow rest and bow stringer, but after these two small parts, everything else on this bow works great and shoots smoothly.  Priced around $190-200, you get a very good bow that will last very well.
PSE Razorback – The Razorback is an excellent bow to check out.  With the lowest price in the group, it’s an excellent choice for those on a limited budget.  The wood riser looks beautiful and it’s actually pretty solid for what you are getting.  The limbs are offered between 20-35 pounds so everyone will find something for target shooting.  Priced around $110-120.
Bear Archery Bullseye – A very simple and good recurve featuring a wooden riser and laminate limbs.  I couldn’t find a left hand version of this bow, so i linked to the right hand version.  This bow comes in three weights and shoots great off the shelf.  I’ll easily shoot this one any time.  Priced around $140-190.
OMP Adventure – This recurve gets little credit, but is a really good recurve bow for beginners.  It’s sturdy and has a few options for different weighted limbs.  I will admit that the options listed for this one is more confusing, but you just have to read through all the descriptions for it to make more sense.  Definitely worth the look.  Priced around $120-130 including shipping.

These are all very good recurve bows for beginners, but I just want to make sure and say it again.  You’ll need to spend a little time making sure you look around and always, and I mean always, try to shoot these at a store if possible.  You can order it online later if it’s a better deal, but at least you’ll know that you like it.  If you have no access to a store or anything, I’d go with the Samick Sage most of the time.

These links go to Amazon so you can check out the product and make your own decision.  These are good products and you can read all the reviews on Amazon as well to help you decide what you would like.

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