When you start setting up your bow, you’re going to need a solid arrow rest to keep your arrow secure and allow it to be fired without affecting its flight performance negatively.  There are lots of different arrows rests out there.  I’ve spent time trying out and looking around for the best whisker biscuit bang for your buck out there.

What is a whisker biscuit?

A whisker biscuit is an arrow rest that uses stiff bristles to form a ring around the arrow.  The bristles hold the arrow in place and when the arrow is released, the vanes pass through the bristles.  The rest was designed to securely hold the arrow on your bow until it’s shot.  Don’t forget that they come in different sizes and you’ll need to decide which one is going to be the right fit for your arrows.

I’m sure you’re so happy to read all this, but let’s get down to the good stuff shall we?  I’m a fan of Trophy Ridge and normally, I try to focus on more than one brand, but for some reason Trophy Ridge is about all I can find and know of that really gets things taken care of when it comes to whisker biscuits.  Perhaps it’s because they made the original?   Now there are partial whisker biscuits called capture rests and some of them do work well, I’ve found one that was alright, but I’m not a fan of that style most of the time.

The 5 best whisker biscuits


Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Pro Whisker Biscuit Arrow Right Hand Rest (Black, Medium)– I believe this is the best whisker biscuit made by Trophy Ridge.  This one is made from aluminum and it’s adjustable to make it super easy to get perfectly lined up on your bow.  The rubber housing on the tips keeps things quiet and this is the most rugged, adjustable, and durable whisker biscuit rest that I have found.  Priced around $55-65 you’ll get the top of the line secure capture rest.

Trophy Ridge Quick Shot Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, Medium – Another great Trophy Ridge rest, the original quick shot rest is for both right and left hand.  It has some decent adjustability to help you get it tuned properly.  If you’re looking to get a good rest at a good price, this is a great value.  It can be found at a price range around $35-45 which gives you a pretty good rest for a good price.


Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest, Medium, Black– The third Trophy Ridge rest that really takes the cake for value and quality of whisker rests is the Kill Shot.  You’re arrows will be secure and fly great with this rest.  Heads up that this is cast aluminum on this model and that means you shouldn’t over tighten it.  There’s also plastic on the bristle housing, but you’ll find that this is a pretty good compromise on price and value.  Priced around $35-55 for a great value full capture rest.


Buffalo Whisker Biscuit Kill Shot Arrow Rest Brush Whisker Medium Arrow Rest Right and Left Hand for compound bow Camouflage – The best features of this rest is that it can hold up to more expensive rests but for a fraction of the cost.  The full capture whisker biscuit will hold your arrows securely and it’s right and left-handed so you can put it on your bow and get it set up quickly and easily.  Priced around $25 for a decent rest that will cover almost all of your shooting needs.


Medium Arrow Rest Right and Left Hand – Camo – If you just want to get a basic whisker biscuit arrow rest that will take care of most of your shooting needs, then this is the rest for you.  It will take care of your arrow and get you down the range more accurate than any off the shelf shot would be.  Priced around $20, you’ll get a decent rest and it’ll make for a better shot.

There are many different types of arrow rests out there and the whisker biscuit is just one of many choices.  I hope that these help you decide the best whisker biscuit if that is the route that you choose to go on.

The links in this post are to amazon.  I really appreciate you reading this post and I want to help you in your archery efforts.  I wish you the best of luck and hope you get to go shoot more often.

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