There’s a certain elegance and joy shooting a one piece wooden longbow that gives you great satisfaction and just feels good.  I have shot a PSE Sequoia for years and I’ve really enjoyed it.  It might not be a custom bow, but when you’re interested in a traditional longbow, you either end up with one of three things.  A beginner bow that is very weak, a mid range mass-produced bow that is a solid and very good bow, or a very expensive custom handmade bow.  Today, I want to talk about that mid range where you want more than a beginner bow, but you don’t want to throw down several more hundred dollars for a custom handmade bow that may or may not be what you’re looking for.

The bows here are some of my favorite mid range, mass-produced, one piece wooden longbows.  These aren’t beginner bows, these are the real thing with heavier draw weights that pack a huge punch and are real weapons.  Most are around 40-55 pounds, well at least that’s what it’ll be rated for at 28 inches.  What you’ll actually be pulling back will depend on your draw length.  So let’s get started.

5 great wooden longbows


October Mountain Products Ozark Hunter Longbow –  This smooth shooting traditional styled longbow.  The grip isn’t too big and it comes unwrapped, so you can do that if you want it.  The laminated woods make it look and shoot like a custom-made bow.  Be sure to check your packaging for the bow-string as some people haven’t gotten a string with the bow.  A quick call will fix that problem.  Draw weights for this bow are between 35-50.  This is an excellent bow and priced around $220-280, you get a smooth shooting high quality bow.


Bear Archery Montana 64 Longbow –  The first thing you might notice about this bow is how light it is.  It may be light, but it sure is strong.  It shoots arrows smoothly and quietly with its FastFlight string.  The reflex deflex design really help lower the weight of the bow while still maintaining excellent power.  The draw weights range between 50 to 60 lbs.  Priced around $350-400, this is an excellent high quality bow that works very well.


PSE Wolverine Bow–  The dark finish on this bow plus the thicker riser gives you a solid and powerful design that is a offers a very strong bow.  This bow can handle long draw lengths easily, which is a huge problem for many archers.  There is a big logo on the bow, but that doesn’t affect its performance.  This bow has draw weights between 35-60 and is priced around $200 which makes it an affordable and excellent choice for a mix of quality and price.


Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow –  A beautiful wood grain finish complements the power and speed that this bow delivers.  It’s a top of the line bow and feels much more like a custom bow than a mass-produced one.  Don’t forget to buy a pad for the arrows shelf, that’s about the only thing missing.  The reflex design on this bow really helps it store a lot of power and it delivers as a very high quality bow.  Draw weights are from 40-65 and it’s priced around $420 to $550.


OMP Sierra Longbow–  October Mountain Products Sierra 68″ Longbow for the classic longbow archer with an eye on quality. The Sierra is of high quality and crafted from maple and walnut woods, with a custom finish. Features clear fiberglass limbs with reinforced limb tips. Available in your choice 45 or 50-lb. draw weights. Priced around $250


These bows are real power houses and make no mistake, these are not toys and they’re also not beginner bows either.  I always recommend trying out bows in person at first.  A traditional bow has a personality and feel, much like an old car, and you’ll find that certain bows match you perfectly.  I wish you the best in finding your ideal bow.

Some of these links go to Amazon so you can check out the product and make your own decision. These are good products and you can read all the reviews on Amazon as well to help you decide what you would like.

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