Going out hunting can be a fun experience and having a good first experience can really help you love the experience even more.  I’d like to share some bow hunting tips for beginners that should help you have a better first experience.  I’m sure you already know it’s going to be a challenge, but there are lots of people who have great successful hunts all the time so you should feel confident that you can too.

These are some tips that are really good for beginners.  I know that it would have helped me out when I started bow hunting.  It’s definitely different from using a gun and other forms of hunting so if you’ve hunted a different way, there are some differences that you need to know or think about.  Now, let me present some tips for a better first time, or first few times as it often turns out.

My bow hunting tips for beginners

Know your effective distance – It’s important to practice shooting and make sure that you can make a good shot when it counts.  The other part of that equation is knowing how far you can shoot and have it be a really good shot.  Let’s say that you’ve practiced for a while and the farthest you can shoot a really good group is at 25 yards.  When you’re hunting, you should not shoot at anything that is beyond 25 yards.  Making a bad shot is much worse than not taking a shot in the first place.

Use markers for everything – I recommend using a marking system for lots of things.  First, I use it to know distances to spots around the hunting stand to help me out.  You can mark trails so you don’t get lost or can at least find your way back.  You can use something to help you figure out what direction the wind is going.

Take a practice round – If it’s your very first time, your on your own, or just want to see how it will go, then I highly recommend this.  Go out to your hunting stand and take a target, then set it up where you expect the deer to be and go through the motions of getting in your stand and taking a shot.  The entire experience could be better if you’re more comfortable and have a better idea of what to expect.  I’d really recommend this if it’s your first time using a tree stand too.

Make a small goal you can get – The goal is to harvest an animal with a clean shot.  If it’s your first time or you’re trying something different, then make a small goal for that day to be something a little easier.  Some goals could be, just seeing the animals, making a quiet entrance and exit, or practicing moving silently in a spot and stalk.  Hunting will use many skills so you can practice more than one thing while your out.

Get a guided hunt – There’s nothing like helping your chances by getting professional help.  You can get a better experience, really good information, and better chances of a successful hunt.  If you are either an absolute complete newbie or will only hunt 2 days out of entire year, then I think guided hunts are a really useful thing to look into to make your time more rewarding.

Have an exit plan – It’s funny how many people have a plan to go hunting and get a deer or turkey, but have no idea what to do once they’ve actually got an animal.  Be sure to plan on how you’re going to prepare the animal out in the field, how you’re going to get it out of the woods for processing and where you’re going to take it.  You can either process it yourself or take it to a processor.

Try something different – By this, I don’t mean crazy different.  I’m talking about common sense changes or approaches that can expose you to more opportunities.  If you normally go hunt in the evening, then try going in the morning.  If the wind changes directions, then try entering your hunting area from a different direction.  Try building a second hunting blind location.  Try patterning the deer in your area if you’ve never done that.  Deer act differently based their environment and so should you.

As always, use common sense, be safe, and enjoy the great outdoors.  It’s the only one we have so we have to take care of it.  I hope you’ll find these bow hunting tips for beginners useful.  Starting your journey can be quite challenging and that’s why I’m here to help.

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