Backyard archery is any kind of shooting that you do at home.  Most people shoot in their backyard so that’s why I call it backyard archery.  Shooting in your backyard can be awesome.  It will be as much fun as you want it to be.  Let me share some tips to make your backyard archery range the best it can be.

Shoot down on the target

Most people have a flat backyard.  The number one thing that will make your shooting experience better no matter where you are or what you do is to shoot down.  Missing the target means you can lose your arrow and it can go really far if you don’t have a proper backstop.  A fence is not a proper backstop.  If you can elevate yourself as little as 1 or 2 feet, your arrows will bury in the ground faster and that means a lot less time looking, damaged arrows, and damaged fences.

Shoot with a buddy

Shooting with a friend is always more fun.  You can hang out, play shooting games, and more.  Sometimes it can take a while to find someone to shoot with near you, but over time I found a few people who liked to hang out and shooting at home was easier than loading stuff into the car and driving to the archery range.

Make a game of skill

Archery is a sport of accuracy, which is why it also pairs with darts.  Any kind of dart game that you know of can be transferred to archery.  You might not have a dart board, but you do have a target and if you print off some numbers or put some playing cards on the target, then you have a game.  It can be more fun and feel less like your practicing sometimes.

Shoot from different positions

Most people spend all year shooting from a standing position, then when they go hunting, they shoot from a sitting position.  You want to be sure and practice the way you will be shooting.  If you’re at a competition and you shoot from standing, then practice that.  If, however, you’re going to be bow hunting from a tree stand, then you really want to practice shooting from an elevated sitting position.  If you want to stalk game, then practice shooting from a kneeling position and through bushes or tree branches if you can.

You only get one shot

In both a competition and hunting, you only get one shot (normally).  If you only give yourself one shot to hit your target before shooting from a different spot, you’ll recreate some of the importance and training to help you shoot better.

After you take your shot, go retrieve your arrow and walk to a different spot.  Somewhere that’s at least a few feet different from your last shot.  You not only get a little more variety, but you also train for the fact that you don’t ever have the same shot setup

I hope that these tips will help you to have more fun in the backyard.  It’s convenient so  most people spend some time shooting, but they run out of ideas and don’t know what to do and that normally means that you quit shooting.  We don’t want that, nope, you need to have fun so I help this helps you have more fun shooting your bow.