The Barnett Vortex is a youth bow that provides a “real compound bow” that also gives you room to grow and adjust for your needs. Having a compound bow that can grow and adjust to a young archer is a challenge, but I believe the Barnett Vortex is an excellent bow to fill that need.  The problem with a compound bow is that you must have it specifically fitted to one person.  This personal fitting is how you get the let off advantage from a compound bow.

Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow Package

The Barnett Vortex is that happy medium that lets you tune the bow to an individual archer.  You can adjust it to fit a variety of archers.

Bow specifications

  • Draw weight – 19-45 lbs
  • Draw length – 22″ – 27″
  • Let off of 60-70%

What’s included

  • The bow
  • 3 aluminum arrows
  • Arrow Rest
  • 3 Pin Sight
  • 3 arrow quiver

Not included

  • Arm guard
  • Targets

Special notes

  • Right handed use
  • Camo pattern finish


The pros

This bow is a huge improvement from a “toy bow.”  This is the real thing! The bow is solidly made to ATA/AMO standards and provides a great amount of let off which is the purpose for getting a compound in the first place.  You can get some serious performance on a budget.  You do get everything you need to start shooting immediately.  The only thing you’ll need to do is adjust the sights if you choose to use them.

The cons

As with most beginner bows, the bow itself is the strong point.  The weak points are with the accessories.  You should consider getting more arrows from the beginning.  This goes with all archers though.  I highly recommend carbon arrows as they are much sturdier.  The arrow rest can also be replaced if you want.

The only other thing you need to know is that the bow is adjustable, but you can’t get all draw weights at all draw lengths.  The smaller the draw length, the lower the weight.  The idea is that a person with a longer draw length will be able to handle a higher draw weight.

Barnett Vortex Youth Compound Bow Package

Overall, this is a great bow that will last you multiple years.  Priced around $130-160, you’ll get a great deal.

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