It’s always great to find out that there’s a community of people who all love archery.  It’s also really cool that I’ve found these free archery tutorials on The Youtubes.  The reason that I want to share this with you is that I’ve got this belief that people learn differently.  Some people learn really well one way and others learn better another way.  This also goes for teachers.  For some reason, I connect really well and understand one teacher, but I might not understand or connect really well with another.

With the spirit of helping you find the right information, I’m going to share the videos that I’ve found.  There are more videos available once you get on the youtubes, but I’m just giving you the opener video for each that I’ve found.

This guy is at Alan’s Archery Channel and is focusing on traditional or olympic style archery.  Whichever you wish to call it at this point.  It’s really good information for any beginner and he has several videos that will get you lots of really good information on getting started with good technique.  I recommend watching a few of them to help you improve your own skills.

I couldn’t put the second video here, but it’s a series of videos that’s been put together by the Archery Great Britain group.  The videos are a bit more focused on helping out a coach to be a better coach, but if you’re learning, then you’re going to be your own coach a fair amount of time.

Beginner coaching archery video tutorials

They’ve done a good job and the focus is on Olympic style archery.  If you’re ever wondering why I focus on this type of archery a lot, it’s quite simple.  You’ll find the most coaches, help, information, and best practices for Olympic archery.  Everything you learn there can be carried over into another style of shooting.  Instinctive shooting will have a lot in common even though you’re not using bow sights.

I hope you take some time and watch through all the videos on each channel.  You’ll find that you learn something that will make you a better archer and that’s the point of this website.  So go take a look and see if it helps because I’m sure it will.

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