You can have a lot more fun when you get to add some variety to your shooting targets.  When I started shooting at my house, I had The Block to shoot at.  That was great and I was very happy and only shooting for a short time every couple of days.  The excitement of shooting for the same diamond most times wore off after a couple of months and even shooting at the deer vitals on the other side was helpful, but it wasn’t enough.

printable targets

Printable targets

Then I found printable targets

I wasn’t too sure about the idea of printable targets when I first heard of them, but I thought I’d take a look anyways.  I’ve always been a bit skeptical so it’s just my nature.  So I took a look and ever since then, I’ve actually been pretty sold on them.  I need variety in what I shoot and that’s part of the reason I love 3D shooting courses.  You can’t always have your own 3d shooting course so having different targets to shoot at comes in right after that.

40 Pack Animal Printable Targets

I like hunting and I needed to practice, but all I had was a block target and my backyard.  These printable targets where just the ticket for getting to feel like I was hunting and being able to practice at the same time.  You get 10 game animal hunting targets that are each on one page.  Then, you get the same 10 animal targets that are blown up images and can be printed off on multiple pages.  It’s a great way to practice on a different shooting target while having fun.  Priced at $3, you’ll be paying a few pennies per target after the first printing.

How about shooting zombies?

The other cool thing about printable targets is that you don’t have to just shoot a circle or a deer.  You can get creative and have a lot more things to shoot.  Take zombies for instance.  With the zombie craze going on, you might as well practice shooting zombies.  You’ll have a lot of fun shooting at them instead of a circle or square.

20 Pack Zombie Shooting Targets

These zombies are a lot of fun to shoot.  You get to shoot them on single pages or you can print off the large image on multiple pages to make them more life-like.  Priced at $3, they’re a great deal of fun since you can print them off for years to come.

Buy the 70 Pack Animal and Zombie Target Combo for only $5

So, my thoughts on printable targets is that they are very useful when you need variety, get bored easily, or need cheap targets.  There’s really nothing that fits that bill besides these.