For those who want to get a good compound at lower prices, you should definitely consider this package.  You’ll find that PSE has taken a good bow and put together a package that lets you get going right away.  Very little needs to be done other than a checkup with a bow shop to get your settings checked out and sighting it in.

Bow specifications

  • Axle to Axle – 32.5″
  • Brace Height – 7 1/8″
  • Weight – 3.5 lbs
  • Draw length – 21.0″ – 30.0″
  • Arrow speed – 308-316 fps

What’s included

  • Bow sight
  • arrow rest
  • 6 arrow quiver
  • stabilizer
  • peep sight
  • nock
  • sling

Not included

  • arrows
  • release
  • bow case

Special notes

  • comes in right and left hand options
  • comes in different draw weight ranges

What you get is a bow that is almost completely ready to shoot.  The stinger line has been around for a long time and is known for being a rugged bow that will stand up to lots of use.  It’s small and light weight make it a great choice when you have to carry it with you for a long time.   There’s also a lot of rubber on this bow.  You’ve got the stabilizer, limb dampener and a string dampener.  All in all, it makes for a very light, fast, and durable bow that will get you started extremely fast.

You have aluminum risers and with the cam, you can adjust your draw length without having to take it into a bow shop.  Lots of reviews online mention how quiet this bow is and that’s one thing you can be sure of.  You aren’t going to hear much at all.  The 75% let off helps you wait for that perfect moment and the smooth action helps you have better accuracy and tighter groups at all distances.

Here is the link for the PSE Stinger X 70 on Amazon so you can check it out.

PSE Stinger 3G RTS Review is brought to you by me.  I don’t endorse any specific product, yet, and I didn’t receive this or any product for any kind of reimbursement.  All words are my own.