Shooting your bow by hand is a lot of fun and many people do it.  To keep your hand from getting hurt, you can use archery gloves to protect your hand and help you shoot better and more accurate.  I started off shooting with a tab when I use my traditional setup.  I even used it for a compound, but it didn’t feel good there either.

So I switched to trying the Allen company glove below for my first glove and after the first 20 shots, I was hooked.  I felt a better connection with the string and I shoot 3 under so it was much easier since most tabs are made for split finger shooting.  Anyways, after a few gloves, I’ve stayed hooked and they are my preferred choice for any traditional shooting.

All the gloves come in different sizes so be sure to take a bit of time to select the right size for your hand.

The best archery gloves


Neet Suede Shooting Glove – This is the one I use and like the best.  This glove is a thicker and heavier glove which is ideal for shooting heavy bows or if you have thin skin.  They come in sizes, so be sure to match it to your hand size.  These take just a little breaking in, but last for a really long time.  I really like the small holes at the fingertips to help keep down the sweating when it’s hot out.  Priced around $8-20 for one glove.  These are my favorite.



Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove – This is another great glove.  This glove has a softer and thinner feel to it which is great for maintaining feel of the string.  It does feel really good on your hand.  I prefer it for a slightly lower draw weight bow, but don’t let the thin feeling fool you, it will last for a very long time no matter what.  Priced around $15-20.


October Mounting Shooting Glove –  This is a great glove to try.  These tend to run on the smaller side a bit, so heads up if you’ve got bigger hands.  They are a thinner and really comfortable leather so you’ll have great feel for the bowstring and they are made of high quality leather so they will last a long time.  Priced around $13-26.


Allen Company Saddlecloth Archery Glove – A great glove for the price.  The three finger slots are made really well.  The elastic connecting the fingers to the wrist strap was a bit short for me, but I have big palms.  I do like the little holes on the end that help your fingers breathe some.  It helps on the days where it’s hot.  These last very well and I would definitely use them again.  Priced around $7-13, they are a good bargain.


Dark Archer Tactical Glove – If you’re not a fan of leather or suede, then you might consider this glove.  These are made from a latex rubber compound that has recently been reworked so it’s supposed to be more durable.  They did have a bit of a problem with some of the durability in the past, but it should be better now.  They can be a little tight around the wrists if you’ve got big arms.  A very cool and fun alternative to a traditional leather option.  Priced at $16.


Archery gloves are a little thing that you don’t normally think about when shooting, but they are an important thing, especially if you’re shooting a lot of arrows.  One good glove can make a world of difference on how much you enjoy shooting and on how often you go shoot your bow.

These links go to Amazon so you can check out the product and make your own decision.  If you do decide to make a purchase, I will make a very small commission at no cost to you.  These are good products, I’m not going to tell you to check out something that sucks, and you can read all the reviews on Amazon as well to help you decide what you would like.

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