The 5  best bow string silencers are all very good.  I’ve put a few together that you’ll notice will work for a few different situations.  The two main types of string silencers are going to be natural and synthetic.  Both will normally work for a compound bow and a traditional bow.  So lets dispense with the pleasantries and get on with it.

Round Olímpico - 70 metros - 24/11/2012 - SP

Mountain Man Beaver Balls – Funny name, serious silence.  These come in a pair so if you buy one pack, then you get two.  These are natural so you might need to replace them as they wear out (all bow silencers do that by the way).  Priced at $5-7.  If you need help putting them on the bow, here’s a youtube video on attaching a string silencer.  It really starts at the $1.00 mark.
Bowrattler Standard String Silencer Black – This silencer screws into your stabilize mounting hole in the riser.  This means you have to check your bow and see if it has this mount on it.  The only two downsides are that this only works if you’re mounting hole is lined up properly and you might also have to trim the sides if you have other strings too close.  Priced at $20-25


Rubber Whisker Bow Silencers – For a long name and a very low price you get one of the best value string silencers out there.  These are very simple and come in a little sheet where you separate the strings.  It very easy to install these and they always do the trick for me.  I like them because you don’t get burrs stuck in them like you do some of the fuzzy silencers. Priced at $1-3


Ultra Bow Jax Silencer – These rubber silencers help stop the string or cable from oscillating very well.  They come with small zip ties to secure them in place.  You get 4 in a pack and you will probably get a lot of use out of them.  These are a great value for the money as well. Priced at $6-10


Traditional Leather Bow String Silencer – These are made for traditional bows so I wouldn’t put it on a compound.  You get a good value silencer and even though it looks simple, it works.  These are simple and work effectively.  Priced around $2-3


I think these are the best bow string silencers that you’ll find.  You might have to get a specific one for some bows, but these will generally work for all bows and I definitely recommend a silencer.  Not only does it make it quiet, but it reduces the vibrations that could irritate your own limbs