The best broadheads are used for hunting.  A fixed broad head is one that does not have any moving parts.  These are the most common and simplest to use.  Some broadheads will be one piece and others can have changeable blades.  These things are super sharp and you always need to handle them with care.  So let’s get on with it shall we.  I’ll cover mechanical broadheads in another article as they are very different and deserve their own space.

The links below are to Amazon.  They are affiliate links, but will not cost you anything.  I truly appreciate you reading these tips and I wish you the best in your archery experience.  There is normally several different grains to choose from so I have just linked to one and you can choose the grain you prefer from there.  I shoot 125 grains, but that argument is for another day.


Points on all broadheads

  1. All broadheads will be damaged if you shoot a rock, tree, and lots of other things.  These are designed to go through an animal, not hit very solid objects.  These can be damaged if they hit a rock after passing through an animal, so keep that in mind.
  2. Most if not all broadheads can be re sharpened.
  3. Many people say broadheads fly different than target points.  So far, I’ve been lucky enough to only see very minor differences, but yes it can and does happen.
  4. No type of broadhead will ever make up for good shot placement.  Accuracy is still the most important.
  5. I recommend shooting field points of the same grain as your broadheads to help lower shooting differences.

The 5 best broadheads


G 5 Outdoors Montec (3-Pack) – The beauty is a one single piece broadhead.  You’ve got a 1-1/16″ cutting diameter on this all steel head.  re sharpen able for extended use.  Everyone says they fly just like their field points.   The only downside is that if part of it gets messed up, then the entire head is not usable.  Priced around $28-33 for a pack of 3.


Muzzy MX-3 Broadheads – Removable 3 blade design with their sharp trocar tip make these very good quality and you can change out damaged parts for more life. They have a 1-1/4″cutting diameter.  These very high quality and fly very well.  They haven’t been making these for years without any reason.  Priced $15-22 for a pack of 3.


Grizzly Three Blade Broadheads – These are classic and good value. With a 1-3/16″ cutting diameter, these broadheads are one of the best value choices for those on a budget.  They have removable blades that also let you line them up with the fletchings if you want.  I’ve not noticed a difference in performance, but many people like them lined up. Priced $6-10 for a pack of 3.


Slick Trick Broadhead – These are very short broadheads but pack it big with a 2″ cutting diameter. These are the ones that started the trend for the entire industry.  They fly really well and pack a punch into all animals.   Priced $26-30 for a pack of 3.


Muzzy 225 Broadheads These are an excellent broadhead by Muzzy who has an outstanding reputation.  These come with an extra set of practice blades that you can attach so you don’t have to sacrifice one of the real blades.  Priced $29-50 for a pack of 6.


These are the best broadheads, fixed at leat, that I know of.  Be sure to choose which grain you’d like to shoot.  I found the easiest thing is to buy different field points in different grains to see which one worked the best with my bow setup.

To your success and accuracy in archery (and hunting in this case).