Let’s get down to business.  You need a good bow case to protect your super awesome, jaw dropping, mind blindingly cool gear.  Well, that’s what you’re looking at.  I hope these will help you pick the best bow case for you.  I broke a bow once because I didn’t keep it in a case.  It made me so mad, I just couldn’t stand it.  So do yourself a favor and get a bow case.  It’ll be a great decision.

There are links to Amazon so you can check it out yourself and see the price and reviews.  These are just my thoughts on the 5 best hard compound bow cases.



Plano Protector Compact Bow Case (Black) – Priced between $40-45 this is the best value for the money if you just need a basic hard case.  It’s not a waterproof behemoth, but you’ll get the right kind of protection for storage and taking it to the range and back.  It’s a quick assembly and at 43 inches long, it’ll fit a majority of bows out there.



Plano 108115 AW Bow Case Black – Priced between $125-145 you’re looking at a much bigger, heavier, and weatherproof case.  This case is much larger and is also TSA approved for flying.  It’s 48 inches, that’s 4 ft, long and weighs in at 19 pounds of thick plastic protection.  Some people have had issues with the locks so be sure to check them when you get the product.



SKB Hunter Series Bow Case– Priced between $120-145 you end up with a very high quality compact bow case.  It’s very weather proof and a lot lighter.  At 39 inches, it’s going to be a tight fit and there’s not extra room for much.  I also know that several people have had to remove quivers or stabilizers to get the their bow in it.  A high quality compact case.



Flambeau Compound Bow Case – The first thing you will notice when you get it is, this thing is huge. It will definitely fit just about any bow you can throw at it. It is a good, durable case that suitable for anyone looking for a larger bow case, however, the size may be an issue for some people.



Plano Molding Company Parallel Limb Hard Bow Case– Priced between $65-90 you get a good compact bow case at 41 inches .  This one comes with a storage box and a holder for your arrows (six). This one is supposed to be designed to keep the quiver on the bow.  The case is supposed to be designed so that the quiver can remain on the bow.


There are tons of bow cases out there and I’m sure you can find bigger and better, but as far as value goes.  These are my top choices for taking care of your bow and other gear