Everytime I hear people talking about different archery accessories, you’ll end up talking about using lighted nocks.  Just to be sure you know, a nock is the fitting on the back-end of the arrow that the string goes into.  These definitely sound cool the first time that you hear about them.  Seriously, who wouldn’t want to put a light on their arrow?

Reasons to use lighted nocks

The main reason to use a lighted nock is for finding your arrow.  Lighted nocks help you out by making it a lot easier to find your arrow.  Lighted nocks normally come in several different colors in a 3 pack.  I prefer the blue just because it’s a lot easier for me to see.

Lighted nocks are also great for training by helping you to visualize arrow trajectory.  If you think your arrows shoot flat, arc too much, or wiggle excessively, then you should try using lighted nocks.

Checking shot placement.  There are many people who have used lighted nocks when hunting to help make sure you made a good shot and to aid in finding the animal afterwards.  I haven’t used them during hunting, but I know several who have used them successfully.

Nockturnal-X 3-pack Red – These are some really great ones to use.  The red color works really well and these will stay on for a long time.  Just be sure to have a pocket knife or something to turn them on or off.  Priced around $25 for a pack of 3 on Amazon.

Tips on using your lighted nocks

Keep them out of your arrows.  Sounds weird, but these are a bit more expensive than regular nocks so you don’t want to lose them.  Keep them out of your arrows until your ready to use them.  That way if you lose an arrow, you won’t accidentally lose a lighted nock.

Turn them off after you’re done using them.  This is a common sense thing, but it really makes them last a long longer if you take the time to keep them turned off while you’re now using them.

Get replacement batteries.  These use little batteries and they’re not that expensive to replace so go ahead and get a replacement pack when you get the lighted nocks.  This way, you’ll be ready to replace them when you’re out in the field if they go out.

Lumenok GT Nock (3-Pack), Green – Check out these green lighted nocks on Amazon.  These are another pretty good choice when you’re looking to try some out.  Just be sure that they are the right size for your arrows.  Priced around $20-25 for a pack of 3 on Amazon.