Well, I don’t want to sounds biased….Just kidding.  I absolutely love carbon arrows.  I have shot wood, aluminum, and carbon.  I’ve had success with all of them and problems too.  No arrow will ever be perfect, but those carbon arrows sure do come closer than any of the others in my opinion.  Want to know why?  Well, let me give you some good reason and a few good examples.
Japanese arrows


Wood:  These arrows are solid and can be pretty heavy.  They have been used for thousands of years with great success.  A must for a complete traditional feel.  These also look pretty cool

Aluminum: The aluminum arrow sure sounds high tech.  You get a really straight consistent arrow with aluminum that always flies very well.  These arrows are also very light and easy to take care of.

Carbon:  These arrows are heavier than aluminum, but have the same straight consistency so you always have good groups.  The carbon arrows are more rugged and can handle a lot of abuse

Fiberglass: these things are heavy and good for trainer arrows to large groups.


Wood:  These things are not consistent.  You have to shoot several and then pick the group that flies the same.  They also break a lot easier than the others

Aluminum: These things get bent easy and you can’t straighten them back out.

Carbon:  These are much tougher than the other two.  These can be sanded on if there is a rough spot developing and then apply some glue to salvage the arrow.

Fiberglass:  it’s like a tank, but not as useful

So these are the main arrow types and carbon arrows are the best by far and will always be my favorite.  At least until they come up with lightning arrows, then I will at least consider switching.