Be the next Katniss or Hawkeye!  Pick whatever awesome character inspires you.  Robin Hood, the animated movie, was what inspired me.  Getting a fiberglass recurve bow was the other part.  It was amazing and I loved it.  Fast forward a few years and you’ll find that picking archery up again wasn’t so easy.

Getting the right information about archery, how to shoot, what kinds of things you can do, and where to go shoot are just a few of the many questions that I had when I was getting back into archery after college.  I didn’t think it would be right to be telling you about all the right stuff without proving that I know the right stuff.  I do know the right things, but since there’s so much junk out on the internet, I want you to know that I care.

Learn archery from me

Here are the two things that I’m doing that I think will really help you out.

I’m getting certified as an instructor

I’m a believer showing you care and not just saying you care.  I know how to shoot and I feel like I shoot pretty good, but I don’t want to just tell you what gear is the best and where else you can go for information, I want to give you the information and getting certified as an archery coach will not only make sure that you’re getting the right information, but it will also help me shoot better too.

I’m creating an introduction to archery video course

This is something I really wish I had when I started.  I didn’t have access to a coach and there’s a lot more to learn than you can pick up from a sales rep at a store, especially when his goal is to get you to buy a bow.

The video course will cover several different things and should be a great resource to help you shoot very accurately from the beginning.

What it covers:

  • Parts of a bow
  • choosing a bow
  • proper shooting form
  • instinctive shooting
  • shooting with sights
  • practice drill ideas
  • lots of other tips such as finding locations to shoot, tips for people with no land, and how to find more local information.

Sorry for the absence for the past couple weeks.  I’ve learned how to make videos so that I could put this together.  It’s been worth it though.  I really feel that you’ll be getting a great value by learning with this and that it really is the next best thing to having a one on one personal coach.

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