The 5 Best Compound Bow Packages

The 5 Best Compound Bow Packages

It’s time to get serious about getting a compound bow.  I’ve been really looking to the best compound bow packages out there.  There are lots of great options and I almost feel like I could just close my eyes and pick and I’d do alright, but I don’t want just a “good” bow.  Nope, I want the “best” and I think that’s the way it should be.  After all, there are tons of super smart people making these things and I sure don’t mind benefiting from all their hard work.

I’m not going to rank these because they’re all really good and will fit each person a little different.  But, throwing all that aside, I’m going to look for the durability, quality of the bow, and quality of the accessories to come up with what I think are the best compound bow packages.  There’s no point in getting a bow package if you’re going to have to turn right around and buy parts to replace the accessories.  So that’s a bit of what I’m looking for.

I’ll put a link to the products to go where I found a good deal on it so you can check it out for yourself and read the reviews and what not there.  I’m also a big fan of getting plenty of information, so that’s why I do that.

Just so you know, none of these bows come with arrows.  None of the adult ready to shoot systems come with arrows so don’t expect it.  The bow package is only the bow and it’s accessories that are attached to the bow.  You’ll have to get your own arrows and if you want some help, then here are some of the best carbon arrows.

Best compound bow packages

Infinite Edge Bow Package –  The amazing versatility of this bow is so cool.  It can literally be set to work for almost every single person out there.  It’s only missing a stabilizer and bow sling, but neither of these are necessary to have a great shooting experience.  I’d recommend checking this one out for sure.  I didn’t rank these, but I might put this in the top two.  The accessories are good for a bow in this price range.  You can always upgrade if you want.  Priced around $320-350, I like it a lot.


Bear Archery Apprentice Bow Package – The perfect Ready to Shoot system for anyone getting a first real bow or someone with a smaller stature.  The max draw length is 27″, but don’t let that stop you from thinking this isn’t the real deal.  The only accessory it doesn’t come with is a stabilizer and bow sling, which isn’t a big deal at all.  Priced around $250-290, you can do lots of growing with this bow.


PSE Ready To Shoot Surge Bow Package – This is another one of my favorites.  Packed with all the features you’d need and the replacement to the very successful Brute series, you’ll find that this lighter version packs all the punch you need and an adjustable draw length out to 30″ makes sure it will fit almost everyone.  The accessories are good and you get all the things you’d need.  All that’s left to get are arrows and you’re ready to go.  Priced around $475-500, you’ll get everything you need.


PSE Ready to Shoot Stinger – One of the RTS systems that showed me the light.  This bow package is a great lower budget bow that packs lots of punch and delivers with good accessories to make for a good shooting experience right out of the box.  Priced around $320-400, it’s a very good and solid shooting platform.


Diamond Archery Carbon Cure RAK Package – This compound bow package has two great features.  First, the bow is adjustable over a good range to let you tailor it to your needs.  The second is the accessories are pretty good with this bow.  You get a 3 pin sight, whisker biscuity rest, stabilizer, peep sight, and bow sling which means you’ve got everything you need to start shooting good groups from the beginning.  The whisker biscuit style rest isn’t the best one ever, but it is pretty solid.  Priced around $550, you do get a complete system.

These are the best compound bow packages for beginners and experienced shooters.  Most of the ones that are being made now have the amazing adjust-ability built-in to help them fit each person and increase their skill with little to no effort.  How’s that for an awesome experience.

The last note I want to make about these bows.  You can always find better pieces and accessories if you put together your own bow from scratch.  I’m interested in finding the best bow that you don’t have to go find extra parts or replace things from the beginning.  None of these are perfect, but these are all very very good and should definitely be given a look to see which will work best for you.


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The 5 Best Archery Gloves

The 5 Best Archery Gloves

Shooting your bow by hand is a lot of fun and many people do it.  To keep your hand from getting hurt, you can use archery gloves to protect your hand and help you shoot better and more accurate.  I started off shooting with a tab when I use my traditional setup.  I even used it for a compound, but it didn’t feel good there either.

So I switched to trying the Allen company glove below for my first glove and after the first 20 shots, I was hooked.  I felt a better connection with the string and I shoot 3 under so it was much easier since most tabs are made for split finger shooting.  Anyways, after a few gloves, I’ve stayed hooked and they are my preferred choice for any traditional shooting.

All the gloves come in different sizes so be sure to take a bit of time to select the right size for your hand.

The best archery gloves


Neet Suede Shooting Glove – This is the one I use and like the best.  This glove is a thicker and heavier glove which is ideal for shooting heavy bows or if you have thin skin.  They come in sizes, so be sure to match it to your hand size.  These take just a little breaking in, but last for a really long time.  I really like the small holes at the fingertips to help keep down the sweating when it’s hot out.  Priced around $8-20 for one glove.  These are my favorite.



Damascus DWC Archery Shooting Glove – This is another great glove.  This glove has a softer and thinner feel to it which is great for maintaining feel of the string.  It does feel really good on your hand.  I prefer it for a slightly lower draw weight bow, but don’t let the thin feeling fool you, it will last for a very long time no matter what.  Priced around $15-20.


October Mounting Shooting Glove –  This is a great glove to try.  These tend to run on the smaller side a bit, so heads up if you’ve got bigger hands.  They are a thinner and really comfortable leather so you’ll have great feel for the bowstring and they are made of high quality leather so they will last a long time.  Priced around $13-26.


Allen Company Saddlecloth Archery Glove – A great glove for the price.  The three finger slots are made really well.  The elastic connecting the fingers to the wrist strap was a bit short for me, but I have big palms.  I do like the little holes on the end that help your fingers breathe some.  It helps on the days where it’s hot.  These last very well and I would definitely use them again.  Priced around $7-13, they are a good bargain.


Dark Archer Tactical Glove – If you’re not a fan of leather or suede, then you might consider this glove.  These are made from a latex rubber compound that has recently been reworked so it’s supposed to be more durable.  They did have a bit of a problem with some of the durability in the past, but it should be better now.  They can be a little tight around the wrists if you’ve got big arms.  A very cool and fun alternative to a traditional leather option.  Priced at $16.


Archery gloves are a little thing that you don’t normally think about when shooting, but they are an important thing, especially if you’re shooting a lot of arrows.  One good glove can make a world of difference on how much you enjoy shooting and on how often you go shoot your bow.

These links go to Amazon so you can check out the product and make your own decision.  If you do decide to make a purchase, I will make a very small commission at no cost to you.  These are good products, I’m not going to tell you to check out something that sucks, and you can read all the reviews on Amazon as well to help you decide what you would like.

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The 5 Best Bow Stabilizers

The 5 Best Bow Stabilizers

The best bow stabilizers make your life noticeably better and your shot groups much tighter.  A lot of people wonder why a little bar on the front of your bow is such a big deal.  I’m sure there’s some really smart people out there who can tell you all the physics of it, but a good simple answer should work fine.

A bow stabilizer helps you hold your arm steadier, it reduces the amount of movement when you loose the arrow, and it reduces vibrations and shock on the bow.  All these things combine to help you shoot more accurate.  That’s why you want to use the best bow stabilizer for your setup.

Be sure to see to see if your bow case has space if you want to keep your stabilizer attached to your bow at all times.  Otherwise, you might have to keep taking it off every time you put your bow back in the case.  Check out the best bow cases if you don’t already have one.

The best bow stabilizers


Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer, 9-Inch, Black – If you want to make your bow as steady as possible, then this is the one for you.  An adjustable weight set allows you to fine tune things for your bow.  You’ll have tighter groups and less bow shock to deal with.  The size of the stabilizer is about an inch and a half longer than it says so just be aware in case you’re down to a tight squeeze to get it to fit in your bow case.  Priced around $30-40, you’re getting the top of the line choice.


Limb Saver Stabilizer S-Coil Camo 4.5in – The S-Coil is great for reducing shock and making your bow dead quiet.  Though not adjustable, it will help you shoot better groupings and is a bit shorter at 4.5″ which can help if you’re in a tight space.  It’s a very reasonably priced stabilizer at around $30.


New Archery Apache Stabilizer (8 Inch, Black) – The Apache stabilizer is a great 8″ stabilizer that has a removable section to make it lighter and can be shortened down to 5″.  It comes in both a camo and a black version to help blend in better with your surroundings.  This is a great stabilizer to use and will definitely help you shoot better.  Priced around $30-35, it’s a good deal.


Trophy Ridge Shock Stop Stabilizer Lite – Trophy Ridge has a well deserved reputation for making great bow stabilizers and this one is no different.  This one is a very good choice if you’re on a tight budget.  Plus, it comes with a wrist strap so you get a free bonus.  Remember this one when you’re thinking about your next stabilizer.  Priced around $15-20.


LimbSaver Mini S Coil Stabilizer, Black– The shortest one of the bunch, but by no means the least.  At only 3.5″ long, it will take up the least amount of space while still helping you to keep that steady arm while aiming.  This mini really helps out in tight spots whether you’re in a deer blind or having to shoot targets around a tree.  Priced around $18.


Helping you shoot tighter groupings all the time makes archery more fun.  You’ll not only be having more fun, but it just feels great to be able to hit what you’re aiming for time after time.  Stabilizers really do work and you can try shooting with them on and off your bow.  You’ll be amazed at the difference you experience and this goes for experienced shooters as well.

The 5 Best 3D Archery Targets

The 5 Best 3D Archery Targets

When you choose to go hunting, you can greatly increase your success by practicing with a life-size 3D target.  Shooting 3D archery targets helps you to know the exact location you need to hit and you can try as many shots that you can think of to make your chance of a successful hunt much higher.

All that being said, 3D targets are considerably more expensive than a block target.  When I joined an archery club, I was able to shoot all their 3D targets and that gave me a chance to try out several different ones and see what I liked about them. Most of these aren’t shipped in packaging so if it’s a long delivery, they can get the paint rubbed pretty good.

All the 3D targets are made from foam. They are made to be destroyed, seriously, you’re going to shoot at it until it falls apart.  They are also not as strong and as big most of the time as you think.  You can still have a great experience with them, they just are normally more fragile on the legs.  They are only made to be shot at in the core areas, not thrown or dragged around.  Take care of your target so that it lasts longer and makes the experience more enjoyable.

 The best 3D archery targets


Field Logic Glendel Pre Rut Buck 3D Archery Target – The Glendel buck is a monster.  A huge, sturdy version of a 250+ pound buck.  You get a big foam target that has a huge replaceable vital area.  What’s neat about the vital area is that it is both removable and multi-sided.  This means you can shoot several sides of the foam core before you have to replace it.  There have been shipping issues so just make sure to check the contents once they arrive.  Priced around $190 for the target and a replacement core costs about $45.  You shouldn’t need a replacement for a long time though.


Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target – This is the best less expensive 3D target.  For $90 you get a good smaller size deer that stands up to plenty of use and has the great feature of a replaceable vital core area.  The replacement core is $30 so you can buy a few of these for the cost of the best archery targets.  This is a great deer to shoot and works for most people if they just need a good deer to shoot at.


Rinehart Tom Turkey – There’s more to hunt than deer.  This tom turkey isn’t strutting around, but the size is good and with multiple angle vital markings, you can practice all the different shots you’ll need to successfully harvest a turkey.  This is a good value and very helpful if you’ll be doing any small game animal hunting.  Priced around $130 and worth checking out.


Delta boar target -Shooting feral hogs and wild boars can easily be tested with this target.  This Delta target is heavy-duty and definitely worth the price.  It will hold up for a long time and take a lot of shots.  There are no replaceable parts, but it will hold up to plenty of shooting.  Priced around $450, it will be a good investment.


Mckenzie 20125 Aim-Rite Bear – This is a small bear target, but it will really help you get set up for a real one.  The vitals blend into the target helping you prepare for the real things.  It’s a great price if you’re looking for a large target and not animal specific.  The “self-healing” foam helps the target look nicer for a longer time.  Priced around $180, it’s a great value, plus it has a replaceable insert if you need it.


Shooting a 3D target is a huge benefit and definitely worth looking into.  If you don’t try them for hunting, you will definitely see them in many archery competitions.

The 5 Best Carbon Arrows

The 5 Best Carbon Arrows

It’s extremely important to shoot the best that you can.  One of the very best ways to make sure that your accuracy is good is to shoot the best carbon arrows that you can get your hands on.  I’m a massive fan of carbon arrows for anyone getting into archery.  They should be high up on your list of priorities in terms of equipment.  They are the only thing that actually flies through the air and hits an object.

First time buying carbon arrows?

Don’t worry, these are all very good arrows and I’m only going to show you ones that already have vanes attached.  There are a few things you should know when you buy arrows.

  • They normally come full length ( about 32″)and you have to get them cut to your length and an insert glued in.  If you buy arrows in person, this normally gets done for free.
  • Arrows come in different degrees of stiffness called “spine.”  You’ll find a chart for the arrows you want, normally on the box, that will tell you which one you should get.  I also have a link to the right chart if I could find it.
  • Don’t worry about which vanes on back of the arrow.  Unless you’re shooting a very special setup, all the vanes below will work fine for a compound and the bottom extra arrows work well for traditional bows.
  • If you do get the carbon arrows with feathers for a traditional bow, the nock will most likely not be lined up correctly.  It’s set for a compound bow.  You just turn the nock 90 degrees either way and you’re good to go.

The best carbon arrows

In no particular order

Carbon Express PileDriver Hunter Arrow –   The Pile Driver is a solid and heavier than normal carbon arrow.  The extra thickness gives it extra weight, penetration, and durability.  That extra weight makes for a hard impact no matter what you’re shooting at.  They come in two spines of 250 and 350.  Priced around $90-150 for a dozen, you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.
Gold Tip Expedition Hunter Carbon Arrows. – A great arrow with solid craftsmanship.  These arrows are tough and good on a budget.  They come in three different spines.  Be aware that these shafts are just a bit shorter than normal at 30.5″ if you have a long draw length.  It shouldn’t affect 80% of archers.  Priced around $65-85 for a dozen.
Beman ICS Hunter Arrow High quality arrows with a 2″ vane makes for an excellent shot.  These even come with a vibration dampener to help the arrow maintain accuracy.  You’ll have a good experience with these.  They come in three different spines.  Priced around $90-120 for a dozen.
Easton Flatline Arrows – These carbon arrows are light and fast.  At 8.2 grains per inch, you’ll be shooting very flat.  These have the 2″ blazer vanes for a tight spiral.  Easton has a reputation for good products for a reason.  Priced around $100-120 for a dozen.

Cabela’s Stalker Extreme Carbon Arrows – These arrows are tough and very good quality.  They shoot very flat and stand up to a fair amount of abuse.  They come in two different spines.  I was surprised how much I liked these when I first tried them out.  Priced around $85-90.  Spine chart is on the product page.

Cabela’s Stalker Extreme with Feathers – These are the ones that I’m currently shooting on my traditional setup.  Just pick the 55/70 spine for a traditional bow.  They shoot very flat and hit hard. Priced around $50 FOR SIX.

If you want to buy the best carbon arrows for the money, then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth by choosing any of these.  Be sure to check your arrows for any cracks or defects on arrival and after any miss.  It only takes a second and could save you some problems.

Some of these links go to Amazon.  They are affiliate links and I will make a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.  It will not affect your price at all.  It will go to helping make this a better site and resource for others.

Go have fun!


The 5 Best Mechanical Broadheads

The 5 Best Mechanical Broadheads

One of the very cool things about modern archery has been the invention of mechanical broad heads. The best mechanical broadheads are made of metal construction and stay in a compact shape just like a filled point until impact where they open up to have a larger cutting pattern then you can have with a fixed broadhead.

best mechanical broadheads

Typical mechanical broadhead

Tips on using mechanical broadheads

If you are going to use a mechanical broadhead, you want to be sure to do a few things first. The first thing that you want to do is to make sure and use a fields point of the same gram weight as the mechanical broad head you want to use.

The second thing is to make sure that you have plenty of spare bands or blades if you damage or break a broad head.  I’d also recommend getting the practice blades, normally around $15-20.  These let you shoot the real broad head you want to use without wasting the targets and good blades.  O-rings are made to be cut when the head opens so they are a one time use item, but they’re really cheap.

Some mechanical broadheads are made to open at the slightest pressure while others are meant to need a bit more pressure so that they can be shot through a mesh or camouflage screen.  Either way, you don’t want to put your broadheads in a quiver where the point is shoved in some foam or padding because it can make the blades deploy on accident. I won’t mention grains below since most come in at least 2 different grains.

Now on to the good stuff.

The 5 best mechanical broadheads

Swhacker 100 Grain 2-Inch Cut Broadhead  – You get a three pack of 2 inch cutting diameter 2 blade broad heads.  The S Whacker Broadhead is made with great quality and will fly just like your field point, so you don’t have to adjust your aim.  This mechanical broadhead is held in place with a shrink band. You can buy a box of shrink bands for about 2 or 3 dollars.  The 2 blade mechanical heads have just a bit more metal than a 3 blade to be used for strengthening the mechanical components, just my opinion. Priced around $25-30


Rage X-treme Two Blade Broadhead– Rage has made a high quality mechanical broadhead for a very long time.  This is a 2 blade broadhead with an impressive 2.3″ cutting diameter.  These have made an update by not using shrink bands, instead, you’ll find a plastic shock collar which is made to open with a bit more force so you can shoot through mesh.  Some people have said the blades are a bit thin, but that’s why they’re replaceable.  Priced around $35-50.


Allen Spider Mechanical Broadheads – A really good quality budget broadhead.  Granted, I’m a fan of Allen for all those budget hunters out there, but these really do a good job.  They are a 3 blade 1-1/2″cutting diameter that do exactly what they’re made to do.  You might want to check and make sure the blades are sharp for these when you get them.  Some people have said they had issues getting these to shoot right.  If that happens, I’d check your arrow alignment and try all the broadheads, with a practice blade of course.  Priced around $10-20.


New Archery Products Spitfire® Broadhead – A high quality 3 blade broadhead with a 1-1/4″ cutting diameter head that flies great.  These tips don’t use o-rings.  They have a retaining clip built inside the broadhead.  These have little ferrules down the length of the tip to help in flight stabilization making them fly very good.  Their practice heads and blades are supposed to fly the same so you can save the hunting blades for actual hunting.  Just be sure that the head is completely clean and clear of debris that could keep it from working.  You are supposed to replace the inside retainer clip after every 5 shots just so you know.  Priced around $30-55.


Grim Reaper Razor Tip 2-Inch 3 Blade – The Grim Reaper is a 3 blade broadhead with a 2″ cutting diameter.  These fly great and the pack even comes with a practice tip so you don’t have to mess up the good blades.  These are made for high fps bows, but I’ve never heard of any problem of them not working with any compound.  As long as you make a good shot, these will do their job.  Priced around $30-38.


These are all great mechanical broadheads that will help you to have a successful hunt.

I appreciate your time and wish you the best